What to Expect From the NextCrew's Event Staffing Software?

Event management revolves entirely around people- people who manage it, people who staff it, and people who attend it. However, the entire event can turn upside down if there are no right people staffed to cater to the event requirements and expectations. Strategic event staff scheduling is the key to executing a successful event without any glitch.


Regardless of your event type or location, the staff required for your event will be diverse, comprising part-time workers, volunteers, full-time workers, and contingent staff. Staffing and scheduling a diverse team for different clients can be challenging, and handling the same through traditional methodology can add an extra layer of complexity. Not to forget the growing remote culture, wherein the conventional event staffing and scheduling consisting of spreadsheets, piles of paperwork, manual clock-ins/ clock-outs, and emailing holds zero chances of providing an error-free, productive, and efficient work experience.


Hence, to ensure strategic staffing and scheduling of an event, deployment of a powerful event scheduling software is required. A modern event staffing and scheduling software help you manage all the myriad rules and regulations that can impact the event workplaces and ensure a paperless onboarding, timesheet, payroll management experience.  


Pondering upon where you can find a software that satisfies all the mentioned event staffing requirements and lets you manage the event staffing efficiently? NextCrew is your answer!

NextCrew event staff scheduling software lets event staffing companies seamlessly collaborate with the on-site crew to ensure timely recruitment and operational management of the entire event. Set aside the woes of timely staff presence at the vent venue! NextCrew lets you keep track of which staff is working at which event venue manages on-site staff's work schedules and shifts. If there is a requirement of additional staff, access timesheets, and staff clock-ins, and get valuable daily exports of the information, all from the comfort of your workstation! 

Event staffing businesses considering partnering with NextCrew can expect the following benefits:



  • Paperless Onboarding


NextCrew event staff app's integrated proprietary technology allows event staffing businesses like yours to manage the never-ending event staff recruiting demands with zero hassles of tedious paperwork—it savs your valuable time and increases work efficiency both ends. 



  • Real-time People Management


Focus on your core business responsibilities rather than worry about buddy punching and no show at the event venue. NextCrew's event staff scheduling software helps you source the right people for an event based on the skill, location, and availability and gain real-time access regarding the recruited staff's performance through the robust geofencing technology integrated within the mobile app. It's time to put an end to procrastination, buddy punching, and no shows.



  • Last-minute Reminders


Seamless communication between the staffing manager and the on-site crew is inevitable for successful event scheduling and management. Our employee scheduling software for catering and events ensures transparent communication regarding the workers' job requirements by sending timely job reminders and event details through our in-built communication channels.  



  • Paperless Timesheet Management


NextCrew employee scheduling software for catering and events ultimately simplifies collecting workers' timesheets and getting them approved by the client. We understand the event staffing companies' technological demands to cater to the larger order volumes and efficiently manage the staffing activities. Hence, our integrated timesheet calculator lets the workers quickly log their working hours, submit the timesheet for review right from the venue, and get it approved by the staffing managers from their work desk. More productivity, less paperwork!



  • Error-free Payroll and Invoicing


They say 'To err is human'! But is errors acceptable while managing the payroll and invoicing of multiple workers from different shifts and clients? Certainly not for a staffing business like yours looking forward to adding more clients and growing exceptionally! 


Well, as one of the leading event staffing software providers, we completely understand that. Hence, through our built-in payroll and invoicing functionalities, we let the clients do away with manual payrolling and invoicing and manage the complete payroll and invoicing process for each staff working in the different shifts seamlessly.



  • Staff Review Management


Why add an external review system or gather client reviews through email when you can have it integrated with the staffing software? NextCrew's event staffing solution lets your clients add detailed ratings and reviews for the crew members through the software itself, ensuring work efficiency, transparency, and accountability.


While the businesses globally are gearing themselves up for the post-covid world, it's the best time for event staffing companies like yours to switch to a smart and robust staffing software solution from the conventional approach of managing the event scheduling and staffing.


Book a demo with NextCrew today and let your business thrive and gain a competitive edge with modern solutions!


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