Mental Health in Staffing: How to Recognize, Prioritize, and Address?

At least 40% of people experience ongoing stress or extreme anxiety in their daily lives, according to a survey by the Anxiety Disorders Association of America (ADAA). 

More alarmingly, 72% of people who combat daily stress and anxiety say it interferes with their lives.


Stress is influential for those in the fast-paced, competitive staffing sector. Recruiters continuously jog to discover and secure top talent, comprehend client expectations, and keep the flow of new clientele.


And to graph the growth, most fast-growing companies plan to increase hiring this year. 


While your recruiting strategies focus on finding and placing top talent, workplace stressors may overwhelm your team.


Fortunately, mental health attention is on the incline. Be sure you understand how staffing industry stress impacts your employees before it causes your recruiting strategies and staff to crumble:

Be Considerate


An exceptional and the right recruiter always cares for employees by being thoughtful and showing empathy.


It would be satisfactory if you didn't make people struggling with such problems feel accountable for being bound towards the job when facing problems managing with difficulties impacting mental health.


If you come across a candidate/worker dealing with mental health problems, consider the roles you assign them.


You cannot send that individual into stressful circumstances as that would add more to their problem's plate. 


Instead, allocate them roles and commitments that they can do efficiently without feeling pressured.


Take time to comprehend the candidates/workers and what they might be running through in their private lives. Their situations may be weighing heavily on their mental health.


You cannot believe someone's life story and can't predict them to spill it out. If they wish to share their concerns with you, they will when they feel safe.


So, you must be considerate and allow personal space for the candidates.


Hear Them Out & Extend Help When Needed


Communication is the best method of help you can provide to individuals. So, hear your staff/workers out. With a streamlined communication process, let your staff/workers connect to you and speak up on their concerns, including any mental health issues. 


You can also refer mental health experts to staff or workers if they wish to see one.


Other preferred facets in a workplace enclose diversity, inclusion, accepting culture, communication, support, and training. These support workers and employees get more relaxed.


Have mental health help within your organization and be prepared to support a person in need. Hearing without making conclusions is an excellent way to help people with problems.


However, advising experts to seek therapy to help resolve their problems is always relevant. You can also use helpful resources provided by various non-governmental organizations.


A Culture Of Wellness And Training


Including some easy changes in the work environment that is wellness-centric can assist create a more comfortable atmosphere. 


For example, offering nutritious snacks, playing relaxing music, and motivating staff to stand, stretch and take breaks during the day can help. 


Also, sponsoring good lighting, plants, and flexible workspaces can give the office a more inviting feeling. 


Apart from all these, the most significant part that comes into the picture is the right training programs for the staff and workers to adapt to future circumstances helping the team be flexible without any stress. 


All in all, candidates are seeking to enhance their salaries and their employee experience. Sharing how your company cares about and helps their health and well-being and creating an integral part of your recruitment system could be the very thing that persuades them to choose to work with you.

Offer The Right Technological Solutions 


Taking care of all the other aspects is fine, but with this, you can not sidestep the importance of the right technological software in place. 


A good work environment, an excellent flexible workspace, and wellness/training programs are fruitful when they return to their desk with heavy and stressful workloads. 


So, it's imperative for your company to ensure that your staff and employees are equipped with the right staffing software like NextCrew to make their work balanced and easy! 


Also, providing them with the required technological solutions like NextCrew will help them eliminate energy-consuming manual tasks and avoid burn-outs.

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