Meeting Millennial Demands in the Staffing Industry
Technology is changing the staffing industry. Are you ready? As millennials fill workplace roles formerly held by members of older generations, technology is becoming hugely important within the industry. As a generation, millennials live and breathe mobile technology, so if your staffing agency is not set up with a mobile-based employee scheduling app, you will most certainly lose out on available talent for your clients.

The Benefits of an Employee Scheduling App

Your millennial talent pool is not sitting waiting by the phone. These workers are dedicated and skilled, but many prefer to work temporary jobs for the flexibility, and to be notified of those jobs via mobile tech. Your clients, too, may not be giving you much notice, particularly for short-term jobs. Your goal, then, is to bring these two parties together in a way that works for everyone. An employee scheduling app is just what you need. Employee scheduling apps let you get rid of paper and switch completely to mobile technology. You will be able to send your millennial talent pool job opportunities, straight from your cloud-based system to their phones or smart devices. This is the fastest and most reliable way to get a hold of talent, meaning you will be able to fill the client request with speed, keeping your agency competitive. An employee scheduling app also allows your company to send and receive digital time sheets, approve them digitally, and pay your talent without needing paper. This streamlines the entire process and ensures you can invoice your client quickly, too.

Be Prepared with Mobile Technology

The millennial generation is taking over the workforce, and taking over temporary job postings especially. The Bureau of Labor Statistics notes that median employee tenure is generally higher among older workers than younger ones. To find the millennial workers you need to fill your temporary roles, you will need to use cutting-edge technology. An employee scheduling app is the best solution to attracting, and keeping these talented millennial on your team. When you can show that you understand what these workers need to feel comfortable and prepared to take on jobs for your clients, you strengthen your entire company, and position your agency as one that can deliver talent, every time. Your clients and your staff will be equally happy with your tech savvy and what it can accomplish!