Manual Staffing Management vs. Digital Staffing Management

Manual Staffing Management vs. Digital Staffing Management


We are already half past 2021, recovering from the year of uncertainties and getting back on track. Last year, the only goal for the staffing companies globally was to survive somehow the period of economic downfall and hope for better days. 


However, this year, they are advancing themselves each and every way to grow and thrive for a better future. Staffing companies have started focusing on the key areas to bounce back and be better in the business than ever. 


What they are missing out on is the need to automate their staffing process. Even by resuming the hiring and flooding the staffing agency with thousands of employees, they would not enhance employee productivity and time efficiency. 


Many staffing companies consider deploying a suitable Applicant Tracking System (ATS) would do the job. However, staffing companies in today’s times require more than just modern ATS. 


According to recent digital transformation research by Forrester, 


Until now, only 15% of companies prioritized digital transformation.


That means 85% of the remaining businesses are yet to fully embrace the concept of digitalization and streamline the staffing processes.


What staffing companies need is a robust and fully integrated staffing software solution that lets them source and onboard candidates seamlessly and streamlines the complete temporary employee staffing process. 


According to the Harvard business review survey 2020, 72% of the respondents witnessed an increase in productivity just by empowering front-line workers with digital solutions. 


Despite that, many staffing companies are still contemplating whether to invest in staffing software or continue traditional approaches. 


We have listed some differences to help you learn the key differences and what you’re missing out on by continuing with the conventional methods.


  • Recruiting


Gone are the days of hiring candidates through newspaper ads or by browsing through different job boards. The traditional hiring approach had been great when the staffing volumes had been low, and the availability of smart solutions had been negligible.


Today, your clients demand recruiting the best possible workers for their business. To ensure the same, you need to have the right staffing tools that can foster strong communication of your staffing manager with candidates and the end clients.


Bear in mind, jumping from one window to another for communicating with the candidates, whereas communicating with all the employees through one single platform in your preferred mode of communication, makes a huge difference!


  • Onboarding:


Onboarding is the standard process of introducing a new employee to the organization. But, with an added term to its beginning, the definition transforms itself in the context of the method. While the idea behind it remains the same. 


Manual onboarding is all about processing piles of paperwork and burdening the new employee with another stack. It’s not only monotonous, but also outdated. Especially, for the millennials who can get quickly feel discomfort in the absence of modern solutions.


The opposite of this is the modern staffing solutions like NextCrew. We understand the significance of having technologically innovative onboarding software in place to introduce a new role to the organization. 


That’s why we offer a coherent way to speed up the process and have things work smoothly in a well-organized virtual format. 


Put in your finest effort, dispense with grinding for candidates, and show individuals that you care about them by improving the tech you use for onboarding, and we as a whole realize that those first impressions in the recruit’s head for quite a while. 


  • Job Management and Scheduling: 


Manual management of the employee schedules can turn out to be inefficient and can eventually result in unhappy clients and employee burnout. 


Whereas workforce management solutions like NextCrew carefully handle all the basic and advanced job management activities as well as shift management activities, creating a systematic workflow and productive atmosphere for the employees.


  • Timesheet management:


Conventional timesheet management is one of the most tedious tasks that has been done manually. With manual methodology, you need to fetch the timesheet paperwork of each and every worker at the end of the day for further processing. A daunting task, isn’t it?


Especially, when you have other core responsibilities as well to manage. On the other hand, the NextCrew timesheet software,


  • Allows the staffing managers to label each created geofence with specific job codes to track the employee’s shift timings more precisely and accurately. Not only this optimizes the productivity of the manager, but it also provides utmost transparency between the manager and the staff.


  • Reduces the instances of buddy clocking-in and time manipulations, creating an automatic and robust layer of honesty.


  • Streamlines the payrolling since the managers are least required to manually telly the timesheets to the actual duties performed at the job site.


  • Payrolling and Invoicing: 


Manual payrolling and invoicing require you to gather the timesheet paperwork and calculate the bills for further processing. That ensues multiple errors and back and forth. 


Whereas, right, and smart on-demand staffing software makes the time-consuming payroll and billing administrative tasks more manageable, allowing you to focus on other core business responsibilities and ensure your employees are accurately billed and timely paid.


The staffing industry is built on relationships. Whether it’s a relationship with workers or a relationship with end clients, it’s crucial to maintain the highest level of trust with candidates and clients through transparent communication and processes.


And, transparent communication can be established when you have a comprehensive platform that keeps you all on the same page through real-time information and communication exchange.


Can manual staffing management allow you to establish the same and foster your relationships?

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