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With the rise of the gig economy and the contingent workforce, on-demand staffing has evolved significantly just in the last few years. Without a robust and customizable software package, you may find yourself scrambling to stay organized and keep up with the demands of your own business. When you need employees fast and efficiently, where do you turn?

Here are the top things you should know about working with NextCrew as your choice for the best on-demand staffing software for the modern workforce.

Uberize Your Workforce
Love it or hate it, Uber has revolutionized an industry. It’s not really about the ridesharing either. What is most impressive about the Uber model is the ability for individuals to request services on-demand and allow service providers nearby to respond immediately.  
That’s how NextCrew can work for you. With so many companies relying on a contingent workforce and a lot of workers earning money from the gig economy, we want to build a bridge to bring those two groups together. Your personalized app through NextCrew can help uberize your workforce and match available qualified people to open on-demand assignments with the click of just one button.

Digital Connection in a Digital World
In today’s digitally connected world, consider how to leverage media for efficient communication. Fewer people are looking for a phone call from traditional staffing to help them find their next gig. They want instant results, to know what’s expected of them, and quick response times.

The digital interface of the NextCrew app allows users, both you and your workforce, to set preferences for communication. Select in-app push notifications, text messaging, or even email. You and your crew will be on the same page every time you hit send.

Streamline Manual Tasks & Reminders
To that end, did you know the NextCrew app also allows you to create automated systems to prompt specific actions and send certain messages? It can send job reminders, require your crew to update credentials and contact information, and collect data automatically even while you sleep. This hands-off process allows you to focus on other essential aspects of your business.

The system is simple on the user end as well. All of the required and customized e-documents you need for your hiring process can be imported and branded. They’re auto filled as much as possible allowing each applicant to add the essential information, eliminating human error or incomplete profiles.

Timesheet Management with Geo-fencing
Many companies agree that timesheet management is one of the most time-consuming aspects of running any on-demand business. With different talent clocking in at different times, and potentially different locations, it can be a challenge to manage paper time sheets.

With NextCrew, clocking in and out is automated. You see when and where your talent clocks in and can manage the entire process directly from the app. The app can integrate with your payroll system to seamlessly import information. There is even a kiosk mode if you prefer a single point of contact for your crew.

Personalized Touchpoints
Even though we are, at our core, a technology company that has designed an app to make your business easier, we understand why personal service is important. That’s why you’ll always reach a real, live person when you call NextCrew for help and support.

You’ll never get caught in an impossible labyrinth of telephone prompts designed to keep you from speaking with a human being. We’ll connect and talk with you one-on-one until your issue is resolved. Those personal touchpoints can make all the difference.

Build a Powerful Software Eco-System
The idea of one system to handle everything for every type of staffing agency is a dream. It isn’t a reality for staffing agency owners because it’s almost impossible to find off-the-shelf software that “does it all,” especially when you target a specific vertical (or set of verticals). Your company has its own unique value proposition (UVP), and your policies, procedures, and software needs reflect that.

NextCrew’s open API is the key to creating a powerful and robust eco-system. With an open API, two software technologies can communicate with one another regardless of language or database, promoting easy integration.

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