How To Gain Competitive Advantage In Staffing?

Nowadays, the modern staffing business market demands staff to be constructive from the very first minute of their employment, to pace up with the constantly evolving staffing business market race, and to win the best candidate for the clients against the other staffing businesses. 

And to achieve this, you need a modern-age staffing agency partner to increase your staffing levels.  

A "Modern Age Staffing Partner" designates its employees to acquire knowledge of company policies, recruiting terms, and other information necessary to meet the staffing requirements. 

However, the real question is how many companies know that partnering with a modern staffing partner like NextCrew will help you to gain a competitive advantage in staffing.

Not really many do, and that's why they lack standing in the same line as their competitors. Keep reading to know how you can gain a competitive advantage in staffing with NextCrew to win the market situation. 



93% of employers suggest that a reasonable employee onboarding experience is critical in influencing employees’ decision whether to stay with the company.

Hiring is no affordable job. It costs a business a tremendous amount of investment to fill a position vacancy – not to mention the amount of struggle done and the amount spent by internal and external parties throughout the hiring procedure.

The right decision must be made by evaluating the time, resources, and costs of hiring a new employee. After all, a poor hire can cost any staffing business in many more ways than just financially.

So, when you partner with NextCrew to get assistance with the right employee onboarding solution, you free yourself from manual onboarding activities and concentrate more on building a better employer brand. 

NextCrew's paperless onboarding software offers an intuitive experience by letting you gather electronic signatures through the customizable pre-boarding solution. 

And getting access to a modern-age staffing system like NextCrew can drastically decline your hiring cost as it is proven to reduce hiring costs by as much as 30%.

So, say goodbye to the burden of boring paperwork and say hello to digital onboarding. 


Candidate Engagement And Experience

In today's contemporary world, everyone has a smart mobile phone and would be happiest to access things over their mobile phones, including your workers. 

Even your workers would love to have their job essentials accessible via their mobile phones. Hence, creating an engaging self-service experience for your staff or candidates becomes essential. 

And NextCrew's employee self-service software makes it possible and easier. 

NextCrew employee self-service software enables your employees to provide, edit and supervise their information in your organization's employee database portal. 

It also eliminates the possibility of any errors and problems while documenting the employing information by giving access to your employees that allows them to edit and change their own details if required. 


Automate Job Management And Scheduling

Staying up to date and concentrating on various other tasks can be challenging when you're overloaded with unorganized manual work. So, swamp this, you require smarter job scheduling and job management software like NextCrew. 

Have you ever wondered how much automation and scheduling your work operation can help you out and give you a ticket to stay focused on other functionality?

You can actually:

  • Schedule shifts for your workers based on qualifications, availability, or geographic proximity. 

  • Automate job opening notifications based on location, skills, and availability. 

  • Organize and address job status by clients, location, and workforce weekly or daily. 


Timesheet Management

Time is money, so save both with digital timesheet management.

Club timesheet documentation streamlined payrolling, set up job site-specific geofencing, sending multiple emails, and accounting management all in one software. 

NextCrew's timesheet software is one of the best and most user-friendly timesheet management for any size staffing business.

This helps you to keep an easy track of employees' clock-in and clock-out records with a robust GPS geofencing technology within the timesheet calculator that also alerts you about the employee's presence on the job site. 

So, if you’re still stuck on a paper timesheet for the invoicing process or approval, then it’s the right time to make a switch! 

Measure Effectively To Improve

Every staffing business desires to be ahead of the competition and to do so; one needs to checklist the bottlenecks of the business, enhancing the business operations and functionalities.

But did you know that the key to enhancement is the correct data in your access? 

Yes, the right data can fetch you accurate metrics and help you measure the right pain areas of your business, giving you the scope for better improvement. 

When it comes to measuring data, staffing business needs to keep an eye out for monitoring and tracking specific metrics like:

  • No show rates

  • Open-to-fill rate

  • Client satisfaction 

  • Revenue generated 

  • Most reliable staff 

  • Job satisfaction rate etc 

And to master the factors like mention-above, you need on-demand staffing software like NextCrew that offers a detailed and customized dashboard for easy access. 

Yes, you read it right; NextCrew's new interface now enables you to create your own customized dashboard to access the data metrics of your choice. 

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