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Your workforce management software needs to work for you—not the other way around—tailored to your company’s needs, and integrated with every aspect of your operation. There are many platforms out there, so it can be challenging to find the right one. You may even have had a bad experience with a vendor or software in the past. There are three common scenarios for workforce management software vendors. Two will leave you frustrated. One is a great choice.
Problem #1 - Slow Service

Large workforce management software vendors may promise you a wealth of advantages based on their apparently vast resources. However, these vendors can let you down with slow service. Going in, you must understand that the largest vendors have to deal with a tremendous number of clients. The staffing industry and technology itself are both demanding and fast-moving. If a large vendor cannot keep up, you’ll miss out on important, valuable opportunities.

Problem #2 - Outdated Technology

Staff management software needs to be cutting edge to truly meet the needs and demands of clients. There are vendors that provide expedient services; however, with antiquated technology—or systems that don’t integrate with clients’ existing software, they simply cannot keep up. If your workforce management software is not available on the cloud, and doesn’t integrate with other software and systems you have in place, you’re bottom line is probably suffering.

The Software Solution

A platform like NextCrew boasts both technology built for today’s world and fast, personalized service for every client. Reason being, the platform built for the cloud and comes with a mobile app and as well as Open API. That means that you can easily integrate it with other systems you have in place, such as accounting and payroll systems. And, you can access your system from anywhere with an Internet connection. From a client service perspective, we are as on-demand as your workforce—here to solve any challenges that you may have, so you never have to worry about how much time it will take to get the answer you need. NextCrew helps streamline your entire workplace, improving your own response time, client satisfaction, and employee morale.

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