How To Attract And Retain Gen Z Temporary Workers?

An enormous portion of your prestige as a staffing agency stands or falls on your capability to attract and retain the best Gen Z temporary workers to deliver to your clients. 


You need to learn that all your employees are dedicated and happy to execute contracts, whatever length they are. Keeping a group of staff you know you can depend upon will drastically crop turnover, advertising fees, and administration costs.


There are tried and tested methods to attract the best Gen Z temporary workers and ensure they remain with your staffing agency rather than driving to a competitor. 

Here are some of the essential things that you, as a recruiter, can do to secure your staff stays put.


Treat Your Temporary Workers Fairly


This is likely pretty obvious but is one of the main selling points for many Gen Z temp workers, especially those employed in seasonal industries and/or coming from far regions! 


If you have prestige for looking after your staff and ensuring they're paid fairly and on time, word will spread positivity, and you could soon discover your colleagues hitting on your door looking for alluring employment! 


Offer Training 


Offer training or at least keep your Gen Z workers informed about the training options available at your organization. 


Making sure compliance at all levels is vital, and you'll retain more workers if they can be sure you know your obligations and that of the client you supply to. 


Find What's Imperative To Them


For example, in a seasonal industry segment, at the end of the season, you could take the time to question your workers about what would make them return to you the following year and put together an execution plan for any valid and painless pieces of advice. 


Not only will this assist you in enhancing the lives of all your temp workers, but it will attract quality candidates year by year as they start trusting your company and believe that you're paying attention to their needs and are not just company goal-oriented or business oriented! 


Reach Out To Them 


Keeping some level of contact while your gen z temp workers are between jobs or analyzing different avenues, sending them a personalized email or phone call [depending on the size of your workforce] is a good method of reminding them that the door is always available for them to come back to you. 


Provide Attractive Benefits 


Beyond their payment scale, what else would these Gen Z workers do to stay with an agency? Here are a few ideas:


  • Recognition for a job well done
  • Bonuses for timekeeping, going the extra mile to keep the service fulfilled.
  • Company social event
  • Mental health support 
  • Training courses 
  • Paid lunch
  • Party coupons 
  • Gift hampers 


These all are good choices to make your employee feel valued within your company and inspire them to work even more challenging. 


Give Them Access To Feedback


You might think that worker feedback care is something that's hard to implement, awkward to administer, and costly for you, but that's not the case if you offer your workers a feedback option with NextCrew.


So, why wait? 


Increase productivity and profitability through NextCrew’s workforce management solutions.


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