How To Streamline Candidate Sourcing Through Automation?

The job of a recruiter has never been more challenging than it is today. Not only are recruiters encountering a historic candidate's job market, but they've also had to shift quickly from an economic downturn to a hiring surge- with no end to delay in sight. 


As open requisitions continue to stack up, recruiters are under super pressure to accomplish the open-to-fill rate as quickly as possible. That implies discovering new methods to streamline procedures, save time and maximize productivity. 


From smart/intelligent teams, the answer hides in automation and artificial intelligence [AI]. 


AI-powered software like NextCrew is available today, which can level up the operational efficiency in a variety of areas, like:


  • nurturing 
  • sourcing
  • screening
  • scheduling 
  • on-boarding and more


...without sacrificing quality or candidate experience. 


Remember: Automation is not meant to remove the "human" factor from your hiring/on-boarding process. 


Quite the other side! When used adequately, automation and AI can craft a more personalized experience for candidates and free up recruiters to address the more human elements of recruiting. 


6 Views To Leverage Automation For Candidate Sourcing


With AI-powered software like NextCrew, talent teams can quickly construct a broader and more diverse talent pool. They can quickly identify candidates with adequate skills and experience for each role- ultimately leading to more high-quality hires. 


Here are a few ideas to help you understand how to leverage automation and AI to ease your sourcing efforts. 


Automated Talent Search


With automation, searching for specific skills and experience at scale is effortless. 


Candidate profile data is ingested into your CRM to build a robust talent pipeline, so you are ready with a pool of qualified candidates when hiring requirements flow in.


Turn-Key Mobile Candidates Nurture Campaigns 


Take benefits of technology to keep the iron hot with candidates. You can use automated campaigns to nurture passive prospects with job notifications and relevant employment-branded content.


These automated transmissions help keep passive candidates employed and moving toward conversion with minimal action on your part.   


Candidate Engagement Scoring 


Sales and marketing teams usually utilize lead scoring to investigate a prospect's likelihood to buy. And now, talent teams can utilize candidate attention scoring to gauge how interested a candidate is in coming to work for their company. 


By tracking and measuring candidate interactions with their employer brand, recruiters can collect engagement metrics for each candidate and concentrate efforts on creating relationships with the most engaged candidates. 


AI-powered staffing software like NextCrew helps recruiters zero in on candidates who are the most active and excited about the opportunity at hand. 


With insights into each candidate's curiosity level, recruiters can segment candidates and target automated outreach campaigns based on real attention data- not guesswork.



AI-Driven Data Analysis


Every TA team aims to learn which job boards, social networks, and agency partners will deliver the best candidate for any given role. 


With AI-driven data analysis, it's way effortless to notice which sources are most impactful at bringing in high-quality prospects, so you can automatically assign your budget where it will have the most influence. 


The Smarter Staffing Partner 


To help jump-start your candidate sourcing automation, we present to you NextCrew's on-demand staffing software that will help you accelerate temporary job fulfilment. 


Sourcing and candidate matching has always been tedious and time-consuming for recruiters. With NextCrew's AI-powered software, staffing operations are no more challenging! 


So, make a smarter switch with NextCrew!


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