How Can a Tech-driven Workforce Transform Your Staffing Agency?

How Can a Tech-driven Workforce Transform Your Staffing Agency?

Technology- a term that we have been hearing for many years now. From online job boards to ATS to social media recruiting to predictive analytics and assessments, we have certainly transformed a lot from the way we used to conduct staffing in the 80s.


Historically, staffing had always been about finding candidates for the clients. But, is the definition of staffing today be restricted to just finding candidates? Or, even just utilizing the applicant tracking systems and social media staffing approaches to put ourselves as a tech-driven staffing agency?


Certainly not- and today’s growing remote workforce and COVID-19 cautious work environment has just emphasized clearly how crucial it is to take a huge leap towards digital transformation.


In order to offer a friction-less staffing experience to the modern and safety-conscious workforce of today, staffing agencies need to deploy a tech-driven approach on all the phases of staffing-


  1. Awareness and Sourcing
  2. Hiring and Onboarding
  3. Post-staffing Support


  • Awareness and Sourcing


Today’s workforce prefers a mobile-first job search experience that is catered to their individual needs and is highly responsive. However, most of the staffing firms drop the ball at ensuring a personalized experience by relying on not so user-friendly job boards that aren’t mobile-friendly. 


Result? The candidate is lost to agencies offering 1:1 personalization and relevant content. 


Staffing agencies often invest in robust applicant tracking systems but fail to integrate those systems into a staffing software that enables personalized communication and allows the staffing team to be on the same page.

To transform the awareness phase and source quality candidates for the end clients, staffing agencies need to implement a staffing solution that boosts the website traffic by integrating itself to the ATS and other marketing software.


By doing so, the staffing managers would be seamlessly able to monitor the real-time data and track the candidate on every digital touchpoint. They can easily learn what the particular user is looking for and how they can provide relevant information.


Moreover, smart staffing software like NextCrew can help you utilize the in-built predictive algorithms to learn the past history of the candidates, carry out the required background check for a precise screening, and make the right sourcing decision-making.


    Hiring and Onboarding:


Once the candidate database is in our system, we offer complete control over candidate tracking, allowing you to clearly track which worker has accepted or rejected your job offer.


Well, why do back and forth on multiple job boards to check the status of different candidates, when you can have everything under one umbrella? 


Regardless of the field, digital onboarding is here to stay. When companies are confidently hiring workforce from across the globe, digital onboarding is inevitable to gather the necessary signatures and documents electronically and not confuse everyone with tedious paperwork.


Staffing agencies can train their workforce for employing a digital approach while onboarding the candidates for their clients. No more cross-checking the new hire entries across different applications and platforms, no more scanning and printing of heaps of paperwork, and no more deploying staffing coordinators to figure out the data redundancy.


Sounds good? It’s as easy as it sounds. All you need to do is include the implementation of staffing software as the next step on your digital transformation roadmap. 


This will, in return, eliminate chances of duplicacy, increase the accuracy of the day, increase the work efficiencies, and help in better employee productivity.


  • Post-staffing Support


A tech-driven approach doesn’t end at sourcing and onboarding the right workers for your client. As a staffing agency,


  • When you offer smooth job scheduling and shift management based on qualifications, availability, or geographic proximity, you help staffing managers work in a face-paced environment and respond to client queries swiftly.


  • When you automate job opening notifications based on location, skills, and availability, you reduce your time to fill rate.


  • When you engage with the onboarded workers via their preferred communication channels- text or email through a single staffing mobile software/app, it offers them more accessibility and comfortability—also, a better way to keep all the communications organized.


  • When you showcase your best-sourced candidates to clients based on ratings and preferences, you significantly cut down the staffing coordinator’s time to fill rate and increase your work productivity.


  • When you allow the workers to provide, edit, and manage their information in your organization’s employee database portal, you reduce dependency on staffing coordinators for timely updating the employee profile information and reduces the probability of human errors.


  • When you eliminate manual timesheets, set up job site-specific geofence, send out bulk emails, integrate payroll to your preferred 3rd party platform, manage accounting and reviews through an all-in-one workforce management software, you establish an accurate and time-saving timesheet and payroll process.


A workforce that is enabled with the latest staffing solutions is capable enough to help your staffing agency eliminate all manual tasks, keep all the communications in one place, and establish a robust relationship with workers as well as the clients. 


Tech-enhanced staffing is all you need to put your best forward in this ever-changing digital landscape of the staffing industry. 


85% of staffing businesses believe that they must embrace digital transformation to remain competitive.


What are you waiting for to transform your workforce into a tech-driven workforce?

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