How is Geofencing Technology Reshaping Workforce Management? Everything You Need To Know!

Picture this…


You’re an operations manager of a healthcare staffing firm that manages multiple healthcare clients. A regular working day in your life comprises of booking shifts for doctors and nurses, managing their timesheets and payments, curating daily shifts and payment reports, and other gazillion responsibilities that come with the job title. 


In addition to the mentioned responsibilities, you are expected to be constantly on your foot, making multiple follow-ups with the doctors and nurses regarding their clock-ins and clock-outs, ensuring they’ve logged in at their workplace at the expected time and logged out after fulfilling the due responsibilities.


What if there had been an angel that not only notifies you once the staff has entered geofence of the job site and left the geofence of the job site but also lets you create your geofence per job and control the earliest clock-in time, consequently allowing accurate time tracking and realtime attendance monitoring?


Well, the geofencing technology feature of the NextCrew timesheet management software is that angel for you!


The feature,


  • Lets you create a virtual barrier around the job site when used along with a GPS enabled application. As a result, the staff can clock in only when they are physically present within the virtual boundaries created by you.


  • Reminds the employees to clock in or out on entering or leaving the geofence created by you for the particular job, decreasing the occurrence of timesheet errors and edits.


  • Reports flagged timesheets for employees who're on the clock but are outside of a job site.


So, as an operations manager of a healthcare staffing firm, through this geofencing targeting feature you can easily set up a geofence around the hospitals your client’s doctors and nurses are working. 


If an employee is late at the job site and attempts to begin the shift through the timesheet management app on their smartphone before they arrive at the job site, they will be unable to do so.


Similarly, you’ll be able to track staff if they attempt to leave the hospital before the shift hours as well as automatically flag the timesheet. Doesn’t that sound like a silver lining to a busy operations manager like you?


So, how does this amazing integration of geofencing tracker within the NextCrew timesheet app better the workforce management?


  1. The managers of the staffing company label each created geofence with certain job codes in order to track the shift timings of the employee more precisely and accurately. Not only this optimizes the productivity of the manager, but also provides utmost transparency between the manager and the staff.
  2. The instances of buddy clocking-in and time manipulations reduce over time, creating an automatic and robust layer of honesty.
  3. Payroll activities are streamlined since the managers are least required to manually telly the timesheets to the actual duties performed at the job site.


This integrated set of processes optimizes the productivity of the operation manager and creates a sense of responsibility among the staff, hence, increasing the efficiency of the complete system.


If you’re the operations manager we have been talking about and are in search of a best geofencing app to accurately track the timesheets, contact us and our team of staffing experts will assist you with the right technology software that not only streamlines your processes but also enhances the complete workforce system.


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