Find the Right Balance with Staffing Client Self-Service

There’s a balance between helping your clients with staffing needs, and allowing them the self-service features that make operations more efficient and effective for everyone.

In the staffing industry, however, the complexity of employee and client needs can make self-service more challenging to implement. Staffing coordinators often prefer handling requests over the phone in order to personally manage client and employee interactions.

However, offering some level of self-service and automation to your clients can help build better relationships, save time, and ensure that operations are running as smoothly as possible to everyone’s benefit.
Managing Job Requests and Fulfillment

Turning job requests into a self-service process can help better manage the process. Your clients can request a job online, or through a mobile app, so they can easily put in a request from any place at any time.

Get an email or SMS alert when the request is made. Automate the system so that the alert becomes part of the system to avoid duplicate data entry.

The next step in dealing with the client side of the request is to notify your client that the job has been filled, which you can do by automatically confirming filled positions. Clients will appreciate knowing who is going to do the work.

Offering a Private Talent Pool

Workforce-as-a-service is a good model for staffing agencies. For trusted clients, consider offering a private talent pool so they can request specific staff. Allowing clients to select from a pool of pre-approved employees is a great way to offer self-service and value.

For example, a hospital client could request a specific ER nurse. Or a school could request a specific substitute teacher. For longstanding clients with preferred employees, this cuts right to the chase and keeps everyone happy with the arrangement.

Timesheet and Work Approvals

One of the biggest challenges for staffing agencies is getting clients to approve time sheets. This can frustrate everyone involved. If you offer self-service time sheet approval, using a website platform or a mobile app, clients are likely to be more inclined to approve the sheets more quickly.

At the same time, you can offer self-service employee ratings so that your clients help ensure that you are providing great talent.

Staffing client self-service provides value in the form of efficiency, customization, and self-sufficiency that your clients will appreciate. The best recommendation is not to overdo it. Start small and monitor how your clients react.

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