Make your Business Management Software Work for you - Not Vice Versa

When clients go looking for a staffing agency, they want to work with the organization that offers them the most value and best service for their money. And standing out from the rest of the field can be a challenge in a crowded staffing field. So how can you provide talent for your clients better than the rest? The answer lies in business management software, which — when done right — can work into your business processes. Not the other way around.

There are so many different proprietary technologies to help companies hire on their own, with millions invested into marketing how companies can succeed without the help of a qualified third-party vendor who knows the employee market. While your core processes may be the same as every other staffing company out there, your core quality as an expert who can efficiently connect qualified talent with employers that need positions filled gives value to what you do, and business management software helps you map your unique process to the right technology.

The Old Vs. The New Business Management Software

Think about how things were done in “the good old days” — or maybe even currently, depending on your company’s systems! Paper and pencil scheduling, picking up the phone to call candidate after candidate hoping to find someone who will say yes, waiting by the mailbox for invoices, pa-perwork, and of course, checks… none of it is particularly fast, efficient, or effective.

Of course, that’s likely a look into the distant past. Perhaps your present looks more like logging in to multiple portals per day…forgetting your password (again, no!)…sorting through emails to see which candidate was connected to which job...manually making calendar appointments. And yes, maybe even still filling out checks yourself. Though at least without your own pen and paper.

A business management software that drives staffing agencies forward takes a lot of that repetitive, wasteful work away and replaces it with automated actions that run in the background of every-thing else you are doing. Certain parts of your staffing agency will practically run themselves with a good business management software selection, so you can stop opening up your calendar in a new tab to make an appointment, start looking through a single portal that connects employees, employers, checks, schedules, and more, and improve your team’s efficiency.

Today’s business management software can be customizable to how you work. What order do you want candidates to receive information? Automated — no need to remember yourself or teach the new hire. How does your team greet new employees looking for opportunities? Automate a reply and then do the vetting — no need to answer the phone and have a 20-minute conversation before finding out they’re not a fit. How does your client pay, and how do employees receive payment? Automated. What is unique about you that, in the crowded space of staffing, has made businesses and people seek you out. Work that into your workforce management system so it can work for you.

You’re no longer working to iron out processes and instead focused on finding new business and cultivating that unique value, knowing that your core processes are strong.
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