Why Is It Imperative To Be A Data-Driven Staffing Agency?

Data-driven recruitment has even become a buzzword but does it live up to the hype? Little did we know that not just the recruiting process but the whole staffing agency should revolve around being data-driven.


And more importantly, how can you implement data-driven processes in your organization without being overwhelmed? This blog post describes the reasons for being a data-driven staffing agency and explains how being a data-driven staffing agency can help your business. 


4 Reasons Why You Should Be A Data-Driven Staffing Agency


Decoding The New Candidate Sources 


As a staffing agency, it is imperative that you know the source of your candidates, but how can you obtain accurate information concerning the mediums by which they are reaching you without implementing a data-driven process?


Now, think of yourself as a data-driven staffing agency, monitoring every data derivation that is helping you to better understand the sources of candidates that come from geography, field, and the medium through which the candidates are being connected! 


In the absence of accurate data, you will be unable to measure the parameters and understand your preferences, hence NextCrew comes up to be a wholesome data-driven staffing software that makes your staffing agency data-driven and smarter with the capabilities to pack-up and eye-out accurate data. 


Knowing Your Profitable Clients


By establishing yourself as a data-driven staffing agency that is strategic, you will be able to identify your profitable clients, which indeed enables you to pitch them more strategic methods that will grow both of your business and also bring more scope of satisfaction to your clients. 


On the other hand, the data will also help you pinpoint the least profitable clients on your panel and give you opportunities to focus your efforts on those clients in order to drive them to achieve more significant results along with good profits for both of you. 


Unlock Your Most Punctual Workforce


There is no doubt that a punctual workforce is an asset to any business, whether it's an organization or a staffing agency. As a staffing agency, you should have a list of your punctual workers because it is these people who are responsible for bringing you the best results and the most satisfaction to your clients, but how do you go about drawing up such a list?


By ensuring accurate data is recorded, you will be able to access your punctual workers and count on them when there is to serve an emergency. 


With NextCrew's staffing software, you are able to monitor the exact clock-in and clock-out times of your workers, enabling you to find the best and most punctual workers faster by removing the guesswork from the process.  


A Medium To Reduce Cost


It's the fact that delivering accurate data makes it easier to develop more extraordinary strategies that can cut down on costs and improve execution. 


As a data-driven staffing agency, documenting data via NextCrew's software is a more innovative move since it allows you to keep track of your workers' performance as well as the process being implemented with no results. 


Suppose you aren't aware of the workers you've onboarded, and if they evade you by doing overtime, then it will cost you a lot of money, ensuring that your workers are paid for it. 


Additionally, blindly spending money on processes that don't meet your requirements, like open-to-fill rates, etc., increases your cash flow. In this situation, documented data will enable your team to overview the possibilities of cutting off the process. 


Bottom Line 

By accumulating high-quality data (not necessarily a high quantity), concentrating on data hygiene and integrity (i.e., keeping your database ‘fresh’ and eradicating outdated and irrelevant data points), and executing clear-cut procedures around taking action on that data with NextCrew, you and your expert team are set up for tremendous success with executing your daily activities and realizing your long-term staffing plans and growth goals.

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