What are the Common Mistakes Made By Staffing Agencies in 2020?

5 Common Mistakes Made By Staffing Companies in 2020

Making mistakes & learning from them is the secret to success, no matter how hard it becomes to start over or change the business strategies entirely. But, repeating the same mistakes over and over could bring about your business downfall. 

With this regard, today, in this article, we put forth five prevalent mistakes that most of the staffing companies commit and how to resolve these in 2021. So, wasting no time, let's find out:-

    1. Not Leveraging Technology to its Full Potential

Even in this digital epoch, many staffing companies do not rely on advanced technologies to hire talent on full-time and part-time contracts for their clients of diverse industries, right from IT  to hospitality to healthcare. 

By automating your staffing process, they can largely streamline the company’s operation costs, reduce human resources, and boost productivity. Investing in a custom staffing software/application  allows staffing agencies to manage all the staffing requirements, daily clock-ins and clock-outs, and payouts seamlessly. 

Having a fully comprehensive staffing solution that can help staffing agencies combat  common hurdles, such as eliminating time-consuming manual data entry and managing piles of paperwork. Get analytics & reports at your fingertips. 

2. Not Listening to Client's Needs

For a staffing company to be successful in the increasingly competitive market, it’s crucial to build ongoing relationships with your end clients. Staffing companies who have not been listening to their client’s hiring needs and goals due to the ongoing uncertainty ended up hiring the wrong candidates, which eventually contributed to client dissatisfaction. 

In order to bounce back, it is imperative to listen to every minute detail carefully, as missing out on information alienates your clients, and eventually, they lose faith in your team's ability. Worst, they may preemptively end placements or choose not to partner you again for the staffing requirements. 

3. Emphasizing Too Much on Face-to-face Interview

Face-to-face interviews are imperative for hiring the right talent for the clients, but it should not be the only deciding factor. Some applicants naturally pursue the interviewer with their convincing capabilities, while  somebody may not be confident with the soft skills and might not be able to convey the value they can bring to the company. 

So, to get a great new hire for your client, you must look deeper by gauging their skills, conduct a predictive hiring assessment test, and then determine their performance. 

In the COVID-19 pandemic era, where in-person interviews are nearly impossible, investing in such assessment tools can be the right choice to hire quality staffing managers for the roles.


4. Not Investing in Internet Marketing Services

Not digitally marketing your staffing agency means you're losing out on an ocean of opportunities to expand your business reach and generate more potential leads. With the staffing industry being so crowded, you've to have a robust online presence to survive and thrive in this growing competition. 

Start with creating your business profile on various social media platforms, such as Linkedin, post engaging content regularly, and publish original content to establish your authority and thought leadership among your target audience. This includes SMEs, startups, and big staffing enterprises — those willing to outsource their staffing requirements. 

Use the skyscraper technique to generate quality blog posts. This technique involves: Finding top-ranked articles on popular search engines such as Google and Bing. Then, turn a piece of content that is far more effective and provide value to your audience. 

Update your website. Whenever your prospective clients are in pursuit of professional staffing services, the first thing they do is Google search, and the results that are popping up on the first few pages are big winners. If you don't have a website or continuing with an unresponsive, unfriendly site, it's the right time to update your site and no more repeat the same mistakes. 

5. Improper Job Description

Last but not least, improper descriptions could lead to hiring blunders. It is of paramount importance that your panel of staffing managers compile an accurate job description that clearly outlines what you're looking for in a candidate and what they expect from the job, in terms of contract and payout. 

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