4 Proven Approaches To Speed Up Your Hiring Process

It's no secret that the job demand is becoming more and more competitive for organizations aspiring for new talent. More jobs are opening than eligible applicants to serve, and star candidates often have numerous offers to consider.


If you drag your feet during the hiring procedure, your organization will fail out on the finest and most brilliant employees. The speedier competition will have already dipped them up. 


In fact, 35 percent of CEOs recognized an inadequate recruiting and interview procedure as one of the top considerations for their organizations.


On the other hand, you don't want to sprint through the recruiting procedure without thoroughly filtering candidates or driving their expectations. 

It's paramount to move fast, but speed will bring you no satisfaction if a lousy hire costs your company more time and funds than the hiring procedure itself.


It's all about discovering that sweet spot between skillfulness and quality. Here's how:


4 Ways To Speed Up Your Hiring Process


Eliminate Excessive Steps in Your Hiring Procedure 


The more excessive measures you can chop out of the procedure, the more time you’ll preserve and the more likely you’ll be to win the competition for the most suitable candidates. A swift, easy hiring procedure is as critical to candidates as it is to those employers doing the hiring.


According to a 2016 Talent Board research report, 17% of all candidates who declared having an unfavorable experience with an organization’s recruiting procedure recoiled their applications because the process took too long.


When considering the steps of your hiring procedure, consider these questions:


  • What does each step achieve?
  • Is there something you can modify within the description or ad placement to stop some steps altogether?
  • Which steps lead to bottlenecks in the hiring process?
  • Why do candidates typically determine to exit the function?


By carefully auditing your procedure, you can define which stages are moving you forward and which are holding you back.


Be Prepared With A Talent Pool


Forming an outstanding candidate experience can fly your recruiting procedure in the future as well. 


As per the 2016 Talent Board report, 64% of candidates who note a significant hiring approach say they will boost their relationship with the organization, including those not hired. 


If you can preserve a happy relationship with almost two-thirds of all your candidates, including those who weren't hired, you accumulate a talent pool full of candidates who are already filtered, qualified, and inquisitive. Developing a favorable relationship with every qualified candidate implies you could chop your time-to-hire way down on a future job.


When attempting to sprint your hiring approach, consider maintaining a talent pool of past candidates with the help of NextCrew’s On-Demand Staffing Software for smoother functions. You can also do this by keeping a positive relationship with your previous candidates that have already been strained, are prepared, and are familiar with your company. 


Draft Better Job Descriptions


One thing that usually gets neglected during the hiring procedure is the intention of the job description. The aim of the job description isn’t just to notify candidates of the job that you have an opening; its true goal is to attract qualified candidates and set the right expectations about the job, the organization, and the culture. 


Most businesses typically want to fill their open jobs as quickly as possible. And because of that, occasionally, hiring managers won’t take the time to decide what kind of candidate they want and require. 


Because of this quick run in the approach, they may not spend enough time designing an adequate job description. And when this happens, the result is either a flood of unqualified candidates or a trickle of candidates who can only meet super-specific demands. 

Improve Your Communication Channel 


We know you’re trying to race up your hiring procedure, but there are a few methods in which you can run your approach too much, where you lose candidates because of a lack of follow-up. 


At the very beginning of communication with your candidate(s), thread open and frequent communication so that they are aware of: 


  • How long will the application take
  • When you’ve received their application
  • When can they expect to hear back
  • The hiring process timeline
  • How long will each step probably take


This will speed up your hiring approach and facilitate candidates to stick around for the entire procedure, even if you can’t move entirely as fast as your opponents.


And, with the evident communication you're proposing, there also needs to be a sense of individual concentration, especially for those who stick out and are moving along with the hiring procedure. 


As we all know, the interview procedure is stressful; making candidates feel welcome and relaxed implies that they’ll be more genuine to themselves during the actual interview.


When you draft a job description that gives an accurate review of the position along with preferred and critical qualifications, you decrease the amount of time you will spend interviewing, which will, in turn, speed up your hiring process.


Wrap Up 

When it comes to enhancing and speeding up your hiring and recruiting procedure, the best practice is to experience NextCrew's AI-powered staffing software.

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