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Heathcare Staffing Software

Streamline medical staffing, attract top talent, and fill crucial roles with Healthcare Staffing Software


How do you position yourself as the go-to staffing solution for the healthcare industry, especially with high-tech platforms threatening your market share? Simple: provide an agile, modern technology solution of your own. By streamlining staffing for medical clients, and attracting top industry talent, you can operate quickly and efficiently to fill crucial healthcare administration and clinical roles, such as doctors and nurses, with a qualified, carefully selected on-demand workforce.


For medical placements, the staffing process is very different than other industries. Not only must you supply your clients with professionals possessing disciplines, but it is essential that each placement is vetted for current licensing, training, and certifications to practice in their field and location.
Doctors and nurses also have certain privileges to work within specific hospitals, facilities, or clinics. So tracking these providers and reaching out to them quickly and easily is critical. Locum tenens, or temporary medical placements, also require specific reporting that can take time out of the busy recruiting schedule for tedious administrative functions.


With NextCrew’s cloud-based software, you keep your healthcare staffing solutions at the forefront of an increasingly sophisticated market by providing better quality medical staff less time while ensuring the credentialing is sufficiently reported. Our intuitive, white label platform helps you optimize efficiency from start to finish with self-service portals for medical professionals and hospitals or clinics. It simplifies job applications and scheduling changes in a single click with our convenient mobile app and SMS functionality.
By elevating your workforce management with streamlined communications, simplified electronic timesheets, and more, you boost customer satisfaction so you can reclaim and grow your market share.
Self-service portal for medical providers to maintain their profile and schedule.
Our proprietary integrated e-signature module make on-boarding process fully paperless.
Notification of jobs to providers based on their privileges, discipline, location and schedule.
Notification to the staffing coordinators and provider when licenses are about to expire or create automatic task with the due dates so that such critical information can be managed efficiently.
Scheduling system to allow staffing coordinator to easily see who is available and when.
Ability to report expenses with an online timesheet – web or mobile app access.
Allow staffing coordinator to create a pool of providers with privileges at a specific facility.
Ability for end-client to approve timesheets online.
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After our business volume tripled, we needed to tighten operations. NextCrew provided a comprehensive system to do this, allowing us to manage and communicate shifts and expiration notices for staff licenses, certifications, and immunizations. The software also makes timesheet reports easy, so employees can upload a photo of their timesheet for me to validate. Besides saving time and frustration, NextCrew has given us the freedom to develop our business."
Julie Robinson,
Director of Operations
MedServices Personnel Inc.
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