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Catering Staffing Software

Increase Efficiency While Increasing Your Market Share with Catering Staffing Software.


How do you position yourself as the go-to staffing solution for the catering industry, especially with high-tech platforms threatening your market share? Simple: provide an agile, modern technology solution of your own. By streamlining staffing for catering events—and attracting top wait staff—you can operate quickly and efficiently to fill these sophisticated positions with a qualified, carefully selected on-demand workforce.


It’s not easy to impress clients. They expect their experience to be seamless, yet they do not want to pay high server rates. They may not think about the importance of staff experience, communication and finesse during food and beverage service—and these come at a price.
Whether you run commercial kitchens, event catering, on-site catering, restaurants, franchise food chains, or large scale food preparation, workforce scheduling can be wrought with challenges for busy catering managers. You don't have time to invest in the learning curve of complex software; you need a user-friendly solution that helps you communicate with hourly staff, streamlines manual administrative tasks, and increases profitability.


With NextCrew’s cloud-based software, you keep your catering staffing solutions at the forefront of a market with increasingly high expectations by providing better quality wait staff in less time while ensuring they understand client demands. Our intuitive, white label online staffing platform helps you optimize the entire workflow from start to finish with easy to use self-service features for servers, including location check-in. We’ve simplified oversight and schedule changes to one click with our convenient mobile app and SMS functionality.
By elevating your workforce management with streamlined communications, simplified electronic timesheets, and more, you boost client satisfaction and can grow your market share.
Servers will have the capability to select the jobs based on date and location to ensure their success
Allow them to select from alternate times that work with their schedule
Utilize GEO check in and check out to track that your servers have arrived on time and completed the job requirements
Optionally, staffing coordinators can also be notified with information such as location and time of check-in as your servers check-in or check-out
Send each server a 24 hour reminder notice for the event
Want a reliable workforce management solution for today’s world—one that you can brand as your own?
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In the last 20 years, I have purchased and used many different software programs for my business. As technology improved, so have the expectations of users. Next Crew seems to be designed with my business model in mind. The team at Next Crew really drives my satisfaction with the scheduling software. It has been integrated seamlessly into our workflow thanks to excellent and knowledgeable support team. I have always received quick responses and solutions to issues and questions. With the reduced labor costs, every week, we are constantly remined of the excellent ROI using Next Crew. Tasty Catering is a member of a national group of caterers and I know what software is available and how they work, using Next Crew is the right choice."
Lawrence D Walter,
Chief Operating Officer
Tasty Catering
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