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Multiple Technologies

Multiple Technologies
Today’s companies are using more technologies and solutions than ever, with a full scope of options well suited to businesses of all sizes and within all industries. However, that massive range of technologies, while solving some problems, has created a problem itself: not all of these solutions ‘talk’ to each other easily.
While the software ecosystem your company has created likely meets many of your needs, it may leave you with time-consuming manual tasks, duplicate data entry, and information stored in multiple places or only accessible if you are on-premise because of a lack of strong integration. And, if competitors are using high-tech platforms, you may find your market share is threatened.
What every modern company needs is a framework that enables open communication from platform to platform. We make that happen with an open API, which means that no matter what database you use, or the language chosen to write applications, it all works together seamlessly. Our staffing software communicates efficiently and comprehensively with popular programs like Salesforce, Quickbooks, ADP, Paychex, and more.



Open API
The Benefits of Open API Staffing Software
What exactly is an open API platform and how does it benefit your staffing company, and solve those issues that come with stepping away from a one-size-fits-all approach and embracing multiple technologies?
API stands for application programming interface. In other words, it’s the framework that sets out how different programs can talk to one another or otherwise interact.
When you think about all of the various systems your company needs to meet the needs of both clients and your staff recruits, there are likely a lot of moving parts. You will need scheduling software, a payroll system, timesheet management, and client relationship management, among others. If all of these different parts of the ecosystem are operating in isolation you have to do a lot of work to share the same information — hours worked, pay rates, etc. — with each different software system, opening the doors to errors in data entry and ultimately taking up a lot of time and effort, which translates to higher costs.
An open API solves that problem simply, creating a cohesive experience for your own staff, for your clients, and for your workforce. It turns data entry, analysis, and internal processes into an efficient machine that practically fills in information on its own, solving all of those data challenges with the central convenience of the NextCrew API.
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