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In the staffing field, as with many other industries, metrics tell the real story of success. While it’s easy to put a subjective feeling about your business and its success in a positive light, it is key performance indicators and analytics that give you the measurements you need to track where you are and make improvements.
Having real-time information is priceless in ensuring your business can measure its progress and find areas of improvement. As a quick example, consider the power of sales managers having access to supply and demand stats. With this data on hand, negotiations with clients are backed by solid data. Similarly, real-time info on the gross profit margin for each job will help your staff balance pricing for each client, or determine what kind of efforts your team should put into recruitment or proactively reaching out to clients to fill their needs. Access to robust, complete KPIs and subsequent analysis keep your business focused on the clients and jobs that have a higher return on investment.

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Overcoming Pain Points in KPI & Analytics
The common pain points in dealing with KPI and analytics are actually using that data to understand areas of improvement, translating numbers into revenue projections and analysis, and using stats to inform supply and demand management.
Because NextCrew’s platform is all digital, all of the information your team generates is easy to track and analyze. You do not need to chase down metrics from various programs or try to turn pen and paper record-keeping into something that can be analyzed digitally. Instead, you can simply run reports, look at historical data and extrapolate future trends, and keep an eye on important metrics like customer satisfaction and the fill rate of your job orders.
Because these KPIs are so easy to keep track of and analyze, you can stay on top of any potential areas of concern before they become more problematic than your business can handle. For example, using data to track customer satisfaction based on the feedback clients give using your white label platform powered by NextCrew, your own staff can be alerted to any worrying trends in performance. If you notice that clients are seeming less happy with your offerings, you can then analyze other KPIs like no-shows or the time it takes from a job posting to filling the roles and make a plan for improvement.
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