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Recruiting and Onboarding

Recruiting and Onboarding
Recruiting and onboarding is the first step in staffing. Being the building block of a successful company, this is the challenge that can stop your growing business completely in its tracks if you encounter common pain points, like legal document management, screening and interviews, and getting your job postings up on the best job boards for visibility.
There’s a delicate balance to recruiting new candidates, onboarding them, and continuing to fill the talent pool with new recruits via job postings.



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Accessible, Seamless Recruiting and Onboarding
Recruiting needs to be simple and accessible to talent so that you can fill your rosters with high-quality, reliable workers. In today’s world, that means meeting people where they are. Our technology makes that easy, with the potential for outreach using a mobile device or a desktop platform. Candidates have different preferences, and NextCrew ensures that all of the options are available without having to re-do the work in different places.
Our system integrates with popular job boards and other applications so that you can push jobs out wherever they need to go, followed with a simple, seamless application process. Understanding that time is precious for everyone, you can customize the registration page to get the minimum required details and allow for completion when the talent is available to do so.
Once you’ve found the right candidate, you still need to onboard them properly so that they can start working and your clients can have access to full rosters of qualified staff. It also needs to be easy to manage on your end, to make the most of your time and resources and place more talent with more clients, quickly.
Using e-documents is a tried and true solution for quick onboarding, any place and any time. That being said, while there are many platforms out there allowing for e-document sending and receiving, ours goes a step beyond. In a high-volume staffing company, tracking and managing documents is equally important, and that’s where we shine.
NextCrew’s easy registration process ensures that every ‘i’ is dotted and every ’t’ is crossed in the on-boarding process, with the help of a proprietary and workflow-driven e-signature functionality allowing you to automate the release of onboarding documents based on certain criteria. You can track the process from start to finish.
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