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Private Talent Pool

With the Private Talent Pool business model staffing companies can create client specific groups of talent which target specific needs and meet additional corporate requirements. Imagine the power of presenting ‘Just-in-Time’ talent to your client based on skill, location, ranking and schedule. This business model provides a value add service to your client to browse your talent show-case and engage them for various projects.



The Talent Wars are raging, talent is on the loose, and your clients are looking to you as a vital ally.  In this critical situation, providing access to a talent bench based on client’s need can differentiate and enhance the value of a staffing company as a proactive partner


If you’re still running your staffing business in a reactive mode, you may want to offer your clients the Private Talent Pool, powered by Next Crew.


Private Talent Pool provides a way to create a bench of flexible, curated resources for your client so they can be easily accessed on an as needed basis.


If you’re a staffing company you know that top talent is waiting somewhere for that perfect project or assignment. Connecting with and engaging those resources to provide flexible staffing is a value add service for both your clients and those candidates.   Examples would be creating a talent pool of testers, graphic designers and content writers, or being able to suggest a pool of nurses and doctors who have previously worked at a specific hospital. Each bench would be customized for your client’s specific needs.


Private Talent Pool provides staffing firms and their clients with a set of tools and capabilities to collect, curate and engage talent on an ongoing basis.  Staffing firms can guild their own Talent Pools that can be offered proactively to new or existing clients or leverage the Private Talent Pool capabilities to develop custom and exclusive talent pools for given clients.  In both cases, staffing firms differentiate themselves and create a basis for premium pricing and higher margins.


NextCrew  Private Talent Pool modules can either stand alone or integrate with your current ATS


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