Brand the User Experience With Our

White Label Solution

In an evolving landscape, staffing companies increasingly require agile software that streamlines their workforce management, while providing clients with access to on-demand talent. How do you present these solutions to your clients, and make them personalized while keeping costs low?
As a white label solution, NextCrew features an adaptable interface, so you can brand client- and talent-facing portals as your own. Choose the colors and landing page design to integrate with your home page, and keep a unified look and feel throughout the customer journey. Bearing your company’s name and logo, our platform acts as a powerful marketing tool to increase brand recognition—sending automated emails through your email client to reinforce your message.
The Benefits of a White Label Platform, and Beyond
By using a white label solution for workforce management, you save time and money on research, development, testing, and implementation. With NextCrew, you have the freedom to focus in-house resources on sourcing high-quality talent, reaching new customers, and providing a superior client experience. We’ll even partner with your in-house team to adapt our platform to your specific needs. As we add new features to the platform, you’ll be able to easily update your system.
Though our convenient mobile app is not white labeled, you can brand it as your own as well—using our open API. NextCrew can create a tailored solution for you, or you can develop your own app, then integrate with our software—and your preferred invoicing and payment software.

BRANDED, Online Staffing Solutions

Reinforce your brand with a tailored interface
Save on development costs and focus resources elsewhere
Design a cohesive customer experience—from main site to portals to emails
Keep talent engaged, clients satisfied, and your brand strong. Request a NextCrew demo today.