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Promotional Staffing Agency Software

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How do you position yourself as the go-to staffing solution for the promotional marketing industry, especially with high-tech platforms threatening your market share? Simple: provide an agile, modern technology solution of your own. By streamlining staffing for in-store demos and events—and attracting top talent—you can operate quickly and efficiently to fill these specialized promotional positions with a qualified, carefully selected on-demand workforce.


It’s always fun to try that new food sample at a local store, but few people realize what goes in to that position. Promotional marketing companies know that the real complexity of the staffing these jobs lies in reaching and hiring dedicated and reliable marketing and sales oriented professionals.
In-store demo shifts usually span about 4 hours with minimal to no supervision. The agency providing the service is also required to update the product client with the results of the event. With any off-site position, the staffing service is reliant upon their trained and educated demonstration staff to report the information accurately and in a timely manner.


With NextCrew’s cloud-based software, you keep your promotional marketing staffing solutions at the forefront of an increasingly sophisticated market by providing better quality in-store demo staff in less time while ensuring they adhere to the client requirements and provide the proper reporting. Our intuitive, white label platform helps you optimize the entire workflow from start to finish with easy to work with self-service features – Self-scheduling, Location Check-in and reporting. It simplifies job management and schedule changes to one click, with our convenient mobile app and SMS functionality.
By elevating your workforce management with streamlined communications, simplified electronic timesheets, and more, you boost customer satisfaction and can grow your market share.
Demonstrators will have the capability to select the jobs based on product and location to ensure their success
Allow them to select from alternate times that work with their schedule
Utilize GEO check in and check out to track that your demonstrator has arrived on time and completed the job requirements
Optionally, staffing coordinators can also be notified with information such as location and time of check-in as your demonstrators checks-in or checks-out
Send each promotional marketing employee a 24 hour reminder notice for the event
Provide online portals for marketing professionals to submit their reports and product clients to access them easily. Time sheets and invoices can also be processed entirely online
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Rather than going back and forth between few systems, NextCrew allows us to view staff profiles, manage jobs and time sheets, and keep track of invoices in one place. It has allowed us to scale the business since many manual processes were removed. The geo check-ins are a nice added-value, and the system is always improving to make things run even more efficiently. They even train our staff to ensure everyone knows how to use the system properly and always answer questions promptly. We have been very happy with the system and the ease with which it allows us to manage events."
Lauren Raimondi,
All Aces Promotional Staffing, Inc.
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