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Hospitality Staffing Software

Solve major bottlenecks and grow your business with convenient, efficient Hospitality Staffing Software.


How do you position yourself as the go-to staffing solution for the hospitality industry, especially with high-tech platforms threatening your market share? Simple: provide an agile, modern technology solution of your own. By streamlining staffing for clients—and attracting top industry talent—you can operate quickly and efficiently to fill crucial hotel, restaurant, nightlife, bar, and tourism gaps with a qualified, carefully selected, on-demand workforce.


Clients want talent with specific skillsets—highly qualified and specialized workers that show up when expected. Employees want the freedom to work when and where they’d like, and the technology to help them communicate these desires to you.
Keeping everyone—from talent to client to your internal staff—on the same page may seem like a chore. Coordination takes manpower, time, and tons of tedious manual work. You have the industry know-how, but lack the necessary tools to compete with rising tech platforms.


With NextCrew’s cloud-based solution, you keep your hospitality staffing software at the forefront of an increasingly sophisticated market—providing more hospitality help in less time, while creating greater revenue for your business. Our intuitive, white label platform helps you optimize efficiency from start to finish with self-service portals for talent and client—simplifying job applications and schedule changes to one click, with our convenient mobile app and SMS functionality.
By elevating your workforce management with streamlined communications, simplified electronic timesheets, and more, you boost customer satisfaction—so you can reclaim and grow your market share.
Keep everyone on the same page with SMS and mobile technology
Reduce manual tasks with automated notifications and reminders
Let clients post jobs, and verify and approve timesheets via our mobile platform
Ensure accurate time reporting with geo-fencing technology
Integrate electronic timesheets with your preferred accounting and payroll systems
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NextCrew’s software does all the heavy lifting. With follow-ups taken care of, I have time to improve screening procedures and grow our business. Using their cloud-based platform and mobile technologies, I’ve streamlined the tedious process of finding the right people for an event, and automated reminder notifications to confirm their availability. NextCrew’s solutions empower me to be 150% more efficient in managing my workforce—making business development smoother than ever."
Chris Dilg,
 Senior Director
Hospitality One
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