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If you employ a contingent workforce you recognize the daily struggles of organizing and communicating with workers. At times, it is a challenge to find the right person for a job, especially on short notice. Even more frustrating is relying on your staff to keep track of their own work schedule. By consolidating the different aspects of selecting workers, managing shifts and communicating in a simple and easy-to-user website interface, NextCrew streamlines on-demand staffing on an entirely different level.




Contingent Workforce Management is a set of processes designed to streamline the communication and management of a contingent workforce.  It involves matching resources with client requirements by availability, location, and skillset.


Companies often develop their own manual process through Excel spreadsheets, Outlook. or a paper based system. These are cumbersome solutions and difficult to change. Although it might seem cost effective, this type of process creates organizational inefficiency and makes it difficult to scale the business.  Companies lose money and when an employee leaves, they lose the knowledge in their head.


At the same time if you’re unable to fulfill requested resources by your client in time, not only will it cost your business money but it will affect the long term relationship.


According to WSJ, 1 in 3 professionals work as a freelancer and more than 60% of employers are considering online staffing. That gives on-demand workforce an entirely new meaning. At the same time each individual has their own preference for communication such as text or email..  To keep your workforce engaged with your company it is essential that you provide them the tools they prefer and information they can access at their fingertips.


NextCrew provides a cloud based system which allows companies to streamline management and communication of their contingent workforce.  By consolidating the different aspects of selecting workers, managing shifts, and communicating in a simple and easy-to-use website interface, NextCrew takes flexible staffing to an entirely different level.


Our 100% cloud based and secured system provide following core benefits to an organization.


1. Easily find available staff based on skill, location, and availability

2. Keep everyone on track by intuitive interface and email/SMS(text) based communication

3. Post job activities such as reviews, times-sheet, and payroll integration.


Our powerful core system integrates with many existing payroll and ATS system which allows you to easily implement efficiency in your organization without disrupting current processes.


NextCrew offers configurable modules benefits companies in multiple verticals such as Light Industrial Staffing, Healthcare Staffing, Hospitality, Event Staffing and more.


If you’re interested learning more about NextCrew platform, please contact us today.


Our mission is to understand your business and challenges and offer various solutions which work for your business. We can get you started with the system, training and deployment strategies.


Our commitment is provide the best customer service and state of the art technology so you can focus on growing your business without worrying about your technology.


Our solution is being used by clients across US, UK , Canada and in multiple verticals of staffing.


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