Online Staffing Business Models

Talent Explorer

The Internet is changing the way employers search for talent. As a staffing agency and still submitting resumes via email, you may want to consider Talent Explorer. Talent Explorer allows client companies to search for talent in real-time and send interview request directly to recruiters. We can integrate with your existing system so you can showcase your top talent to your clients on-demand.



Our constant connection with data is changing the way we process information, shop on line, and interact with one another. More and more businesses want to use the internet to search for talent online. Staffing agencies need to be at the head of this movement to take full advantage of the shifting trends.


If you’re still sending resumes to clients the old fashioned way you might want to consider the talent explorer ,  powered by NextCrew.


Talent Explorer provides your clients the ability to review talent by skill, location and availability before requesting an interview.


Understanding that a big concern of most staffing companies is the direct communication between the candidate and the potential client, NextCrew’s Talent Explorer does not allow clients to contact candidates directly.  Candidates are kept partly anonymous (i.e. no name or contact information is disclosed, etc). When a client is interested in an interview a notification is sent to the recruiter and not a candidate.


NextCrew also provides recruiters the ability to share candidate profiles with potential clients.  This profile includes more than just the traditional resume. Each profile contains skillsets, licenses, credentials, and background check information. Candidates can also attach a video resume to their profile so clients hear their communications skills and evaluate their passion for work.


NextCrew Talent Explorer can either stand alone or be integrated with your existing ATS. 


If you’re interested learning more about the NextCrew platform and would like to see a demo of our solution, please contact us today.