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Are you utilizing thousands of candidates in your database effectively? Creating your own online staffing marketplace requires capital and technological resources. NextCrew provides a ‘ready-to-use’ online staffing marketplace which can also be integrated with PayPal or your preferred payment processing gateway for easy financial transactions.


Online staffing is the process of hiring and sourcing talent online. The online staffing marketplace provides end to end transactions between providers and employers.


According to SIA there are over 150 online staffing platform I the market that provide virtual or onsite talent. As the online staffing industry continues to move aggressively forward it is projected to reach $45 billion by the year 2020.


Today, anywhere you look, there are ways to access resources for project based work. This ranges from hiring talent online to familiar services such as Uber.


Why are Online Staffing Platforms in High Demand?


1. Economy
• People are looking for extra work and other avenues to earn money.
• Companies prefer not to hire a bench of back-up workers. They would rather tap into “just-in-time” temporary workers who can be deployed using an online platform.
2. Flexibility
• Not every type of work requires a person to be available on-site and during specific business hours.
• Often companies outsource projects that can be completed online or remotely.
• Online staffing can efficiently manage virtual or remote workers.
3. Information
• The Internet provides a convenient medium for rapidly accessing large amounts of information about an individual before face-to-face contact.
• Online staffing platforms can provide enough information about a person’s work history and past work performance to hire someone for either onsite or offsite work.
4. Technology
• Technology makes it all possible. The growth of high speed internet access, smart phones, and the cloud has increased communications and accessibility allowing many workers to accept assignments anytime and anywhere.


If you’re interested in creating your own online staffing marketplace these are the areas you need to consider


1. Engage trustworthy talent.
2. Engage active clients willing to post projects and hire talent online.
3. Create a payment processing system based on external gateways such as PayPal or Google Wallet
4. Use advanced and high availability technology platforms to allow your client and talent to perform their job or process payment online.
5. Market your unique business model to your target audience.


Creating a reliable online staffing system is never easy. An advanced online staffing system requires capital, technology, and a major time commitment. Once the system is established, it must be maintained and enhances as technology changes over time.


NextCrew provides a white label online staffing platform which can be licensed and customized to create your own online staffing business without breaking the bank.


When you lease our technology you can focus on execution on your business and we take care of the technology and support at a fraction of the cost it would take to create and maintain a system of your own.


If you’re not ready for a fully automated online staffing business, we offer an alternate solution which allows you to slowly move toward online staffing.

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If you’re interested learning more about the NextCrew platform, please contact us today.


Our mission is to understand your business and challenges and offer various solutions which work for your business. We can get you started with the system, training and deployment strategies.


Our commitment is provide the best customer service and state of the art technology so you can focus on growing your business without worrying about your technology.


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