Light Industrial staffing

Light Industrial Staffing


Staffing for warehouse labor and manufacturing are among the most common specializations of temporary staffing. These workers, in many cases, take assignments for very short periods of time. Some models of light industrial staffing require candidates to check in with the agency each day and are only contacted if an assignment becomes available. They may even require these candidates to come to the office in person to be considered each day.

Another aspect of light industrial staffing requires recruiters to source and screen for a variety of skilled trades. For just one potential job they may initially contact dozen of skilled candidates and yet most of them will not go to work for the agency.


What has changed in the light industrial staffing industry?


This segment of the staffing market is still very much rooted in the traditions of decades ago. While technology has caught up to the industry it hasn’t always translated to the laborers or the recruiters responsible for placing them on the job. However, more and more industrial jobs are requiring skills with technology so not only must the manufacturing industry change, so must the staffing industry to keep up with the demand.


What are these pain points and challenges in light industrial staffing?

  • Sourcing more candidates than can be placed on one assignment.
  • The on-demand nature of industrial staffing means communication is crucial.
  • Screening for up to date manufacturing technology experience.
  • Being unfairly associated with a negative reputation of staffing agencies.


Online staffing technology can change the light industrial staffing industry.

  • A staffing company can easily provide on-demand workers based on skill, location, availability and facilitate immediate communication.
  • Provide a private talent pool for manufacturing clients who typically seek a specific skill set so contact can be quick and seamless.


What is NextCrew?

NextCrew is a cloud based system that offers self-service portal for your staff for streamlined communication and management. Our system allows you to centralize information for multiple locations, and can integrate with your applicant tracking systems and Payroll systems. Our system is customizable and we partner with you to determine the best way to work with our product.