Healthcare Staffing

Healthcare Staffing


Healthcare staffing is a specialized branch of the employment industry. Not only are these organizations responsible for screening and hiring temporary medical staff they must also ensure they have the correct licenses and are eligible to work in certain medical environments.


Beyond the initial vetting, these doctors and nursing staff need specialized management depending on their contract. For example, some healthcare staffing companies specialize in travel nursing while others provide locum tenens services for temporary doctors.


What has changed in the medical industry?


With the implementation of the Affordable Care Act and the impending retirement of baby boomer medical professionals, the staffing industry is under great pressure amidst a significant shortage. These uncontrollable circumstances mean it is increasingly more important to be efficient and organized when hiring and placing medical professionals.


What are these pain points and challenges in healthcare staffing?


  • Credentialing the medical professionals.
  • Ensuring the ability to work within a given medical system.
  • Managing travel benefits, per diem payments, and housing.
  • Using out of date technology for day to day processes.

Online staffing technology can change the healthcare staffing industry.


  • Allow the staffing company to create a pool of providers who have privileges for specific facilities and be able to reach them more efficiently.
  • Allow the clients to access a Private Talent Pool of doctors and nurses to engage them on an on-demand basis.
  • Use the self-service portal for your staff to efficiently communicate with your company and your clients.
  • Tailor the communication methods to the preferences of the workforce and your clients.
  • Review system from client or your internal staff can allow you easily differentiate your top workforce
  • Scheduling system helps you admin to easily identify available providers for a specific job
  • SMS communication allows you to connect with your workforce instantly for a specific job opening.

What is NextCrew?


NextCrew is a cloud based system that offers self-service portal for your staff for streamlined communication and management. Our system allows you to centralize information for multiple locations, and can integrate with your current payroll and applicant tracking systems. We also offer integration with 3rd party payment processing system such as PayPal. Our system is customizable and we partner with you to determine the best way to work with our product.