NextCrew’s software became an integral piece of operations for The Butler Did It—making scheduling and workforce management dynamic and robust.

John Sowden,
Vice President
The Butler Did It

The Butler Did It Catering Company has been in business for more than 25 years. Over that time, the company developed their proprietary system which worked well for the business. Now, as new technologies emerge and clients have additional requirements, it’s time to change focus and offer a new solution to staff and clients.
The Butler Did It is a high volume, client-centric service. The system must automate most labor intensive tasks but continue to maintain its human touch with staff and clients. To provide an efficient system, it must also integrate with their accounting system and QuickBooks.
The NextCrew team has been engaged, committed, and responsive to our unique requests—delivering solutions professionally and with urgency, so we can keep clients and workers satisfied.
John Sowden
Vice President
The Butler Did It
The Butler Did It fulfills hundreds of jobs on a monthly basis, and thousands of notifications are sent automatically via text, email, and the mobile app. The self-service option allows the workforce to accept or decline shifts instantly via various options such as email, SMS, Mobile App or Website access. Capability for workers to post their availability or unavailability allows the system to send a notification to the right people allows the staffing coordinators to fill a job quickly. Once work is completed, timesheets are reported online by the workforce. The NextCrew solution has replaced the need to contact this large number of people manually. Business intelligence reports can be generated to provide real-time information on staff performance and responsiveness for every job.
By integrating accounting information with QuickBooks, payroll is efficiently processed preventing duplicate data entry, saving many hours on a monthly basis.
Using robust NextCrew platform, The Butler Did is able to keep the organization competitive in the industry and provide the technology the new generation wants.
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