Besides saving time and frustration, NextCrew has given us the freedom to develop our business.

Julie Robinson,
Director of Operations
MedServices Personnel, Inc

When faced with a sudden growth in business, MedServices Online, a healthcare staffing agency, needed to kick in to high gear quickly and resourcefully. They had to decide whether to hire additional resources or invest in technology that could make their existing employment experts more efficient.
Unique to the medical staffing industry, they were also tasked with the need to track provider credentials to ensure clients were optimally served and compliant with current medical practice standards.
NextCrew provided a comprehensive system to efficiently manage and communicate shifts and expiration notices for staff licenses, certifications, and immunizations.
Julie Robinson
Director of Operations
MedServices Personnel, Inc
NextCrew was able to provide a customized platform that enabled MedServices Online to enhance their scheduling and time reporting features in both payroll and invoice reporting applications.
By allowing potential providers to update their own portal, the staffing coordinators saved time managing this critical information. They can also automatically notify specific medical providers about jobs based on discipline, and create preferred provider lists for individual hospitals. The HR department saved money by partnering with NextCrew.
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