All of our project managers can see and manage event staff from start to finish!

Lauren Raimondi,
All Aces Promotional Staffing, Inc

The company wanted a system that would allow their team could work efficiently and be more organized. Aces Promo oversees events and experiential marketing campaigns each week over a large geographic area.
Aces Promo has thousands of people in their system throughout the United States, Europe, and Canada. Every day someone is moving, changing phone numbers, email addresses, or adding new skills. Since events happen in multiple locations, the system must have the most accurate information possible so the right people can be reached based on skills and location.
The company also needs to ensure that clients are invoiced quickly and efficiently at the end of each event.
The geo check-ins are a nice added-value, and the system is always improving to make things run even more efficiently. They even train our staff to ensure everyone knows how to use the system properly and always answer questions promptly. We have been very happy with the system and the ease with which it allows us to manage events.
Lauren Raimondi
All Aces Promotional Staffing, Inc
Rather than going back and forth between a few systems, NextCrew allows Aces Promo to view staff profiles, manage jobs and time sheets, and keep track of invoices all in one place. It has allowed the company to scale the business since many manual processes were removed.
The system automatically finds people who are close to events and sends notifications. GEO check-in allows the company to know exactly where staff checked-in and sends notification of check-in and out. And Invoices can be sent quickly and efficiently.
The self-service portal allows staff to keep information up to date, along with critical information for finding right staff such as characteristics, skills and a picture portfolio.
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