White Label Solution


At NextCrew, we know your branding is important to your company identity. We create a seamless, integrated system that matches your current website. What your clients and staff see is consistent with your online presence.


  Staff Self-Service


Your internal staff spends a lot of time updating profiles and keeping contact information current. With our system, your workforce can access and update their own profiles including contact information, availability, licenses and credentials, and even submit their own time cards.


  Client Self-Service


You can also offer an optional self-service portal for clients so they can manage their own job orders, time sheet approvals, or even post reviews for the work performed by your staff members.


   Private Talent Pool


Our system also allows you to create a private talent pool to market to each of your clients based on skills and industry match. This personalized system brings customer service to a new level.


   Staff Marketability


Selling your workforce skills to your clients is an important part of the process. With NextCrew all profiles are in standardized format and can be shared with your clients with just one click.


  Right Person right fit


Staffing is a process of timing. The right person needs to be available at the right time. NextCrew provides a quick way to find the next available person based on their skills, location, and work preference.


  Scheduling System


Our scheduling system allows you your workforce to be on the same page. Your staff can easily see when and where they are working via an online calendar. They can also post the dates they are available to work. This allows your administrator to easily manage your resources effectively and efficientl


  Timesheet Module


Our integrated time sheet module makes payroll simpler with an easy to follow chain of custody for online time sheets. Staff members submit their time sheet for approval which is then sent directly to payroll. Based on your preference you can also allow your clients to approve timesheets.




Personalized communications can be the heart of your business. Everyone prefers a different method and based on your staff members preferences the system can communicate with them through SMS, email, or both. Your workforce will have 24 hour access to the site via the Internet, even on a mobile devi


  Geo Integration


With the NextCrew platform you can easily reach out to your staff members based on the proximity to a work location. We have geographical information for the United States, United Kingdom, and Canada available.


   Smart Check-In


Our mobile app utilizes the built-in GPS of smart phones to register physical location and notify the system as your staff checks in and out for their assignments.


  SMS/EMAIL Communication


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Integration is very important to create a powerful eco-system for your company. NextCrew integrates seamlessly with your current ATS, VMS, payroll, and client invoicing system.