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Meet the CTO

Technical skills are a must-have for a Chief Technology Officer, and Terry Phillips has them in droves—including programming with .NET, SQL, and many other frameworks. But his most valuable asset is empathy.
Luckily so. After all, programmers solve persistent problems, and you can't do that without first and foremost understanding them. Combine Terry’s exceptional programming skills with his knack for understanding pain points, and you get wildly successful technology solutions that provide unprecedented value for staffing companies across the world.
Terry has been part of the NextCrew team since inception, serving as Software Engineer, Senior Software Developer, and Development Manager before embracing his role as CTO. Prior to joining NextCrew, he engineered a multinational staffing website at Innumeralis, and managed IT projects at Hodell-Natco Industries, a wholesale distributor of industrial hardware.
With vast experience in small- and large-scale IT endeavors, Terry exceeds industry standards—time and again. From software systems to network infrastructure to business processes, he boasts over a decade of brilliance.
Described as a "phenom" by a former colleague and IT executive, Terry’s tact and business acumen help him effectively communicate complex technical concepts in simple terms—keeping team members across departments on the same page.
Terry also has uncanny big-picture vision, designing solutions that are scalable, intuitive, and efficient—elements that capture the essence of today’s online staffing environment.
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