Give Clients Control with an

On-Demand Staffing Marketplace

On-Demand Staffing MarketPlace
Want a workforce management solution your clients can access, too? Empower select clients to coordinate and staff their own jobs, providing a new level of freedom and service.
With NextCrew's on-Demand Staffing Marketplace, you enable your clients to hold the reins-through a robust, responsive platform that proudly bears your brand. Configured as an open marketplace, your client selects workers, coordinates jobs, and handles payments-all from a single, convenient dashboard. By providing clients with a do-it-yourself solution; you give them the ability to manage their own jobs, while you continue to source broad talent, find more clients, and scale.
Of course, NextCrew's online staffing marketplace comes with all the benefits of our premier, white labeled workforce management software. Gone is the endless updating of spreadsheets, along with manual keying and repetitive messages sent to potential talent. Gone are laborious timesheet approval processes-replaced with automation and integration , with third party payment processing such as PayPal or Quickbooks. You can also use Open API to connect with your choice of payment processing services. With our online Staffing Marketplace. your clients can coordinate jobs with ease-converting you from an old-world staffing company to a sleek, on-demand solution.
Increase Productivity & Profitability

Convenient on-demand staffing software

Are your clients clamoring for more control over the staffing process? Would giving them this control help you streamline your own operations-allowing you to deliver more with less? Give them the reins while keeping your company indispensable by using our easy solution.
NextCrew's On-Demand Staffing MarketPlace is a self-service portal that allows clients to manage their own job orders from start to finish. Mobile-friendly with SMS capabilities and more, your customers can now take charge of their own staffing needs and you can find new revenue streams in your untapped talent database.
Maximize productivity while providing more options.
Streamlined Online Staffing Solutions
Technology has evolved and so has your business. With your contingent staffing marketplace,
you can:
Enable your clients to staff their own jobs, using our trademark workforce management solution
Brand this solution as your very own and set yourself apart
Delight your customer base providing then with unprecedented freedom and control
Free up your own staff to focus on recruiting quality telent, elevating operations, and scaling