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Contingent workforce management doesn’t need to be a complicated, tedious undertaking.
The right software can simplify your life—eliminating manual tasks, getting more done, and providing clients and workers with a liberating, personalized experience.

What You Get With NextCrew

We streamline workforce management, creating operational efficiencies to give you the on-demand staffing solution today’s market requires.
With our agile software, you can adapt your business model as you see fit—so operations click smoothly on all cylinders.
Modernized workforce scheduling keeps internal staff and talent on the same page, helping you provide clients with last-minute solutions and rapid satisfaction.
NextCrew’s convenient, cloud-based platform is accessible through an intuitive mobile app—so clients and talent can communicate job orders, availability changes, and time reporting from anywhere, and at any time
Efficient, electronic time reporting eliminates redundancies so you don’t have to chase down talent to submit and clients to approve. Our mobile app also supports geo-fencing, ensuring correct clock-in and clock-out times.
By giving clients and talent access to self-service platforms, you can provide the control they crave for their staffing experience. In turn, you save staff time and energy—allowing you to manage your resources more effectively.
We’ve designed our robust platform as a white label solution, with an open API—so you can integrate your most important invoicing, payment, and CRM software and market it as your own.
Make the most of your in-house resources with a streamlined online staffing system
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NextCrew's software does all the heavy lifting. With follow-ups taken care of, I have time to improve screening procedures and grow our business.
Using their cloud-based platform and mobile technologies,I've streamlined the tedious process of finding the right people for an event, and automated reminder notifications to confirm their availability. NextCrew's solutions empower me to be 150% more efficient in managing my workforce-making business development smoother than ever.
Chris Dilg
Senior Director, Hospitality One
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