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Administrative Staffing Software

Easily manage staff and timesheets, create efficiencies at every turn with Administrative Staffing Software.


How do you position yourself as the go-to staffing solution for the event industry, especially with high-tech platforms threatening your market share? Simple: provide an agile, modern technology solution of your own. By streamlining staffing for high-end event clients, and attracting top industry talent, you can operate quickly and efficiently to fill important event roles, such as hosting, serving, bartending and more, with a qualified and carefully selected on-demand workforce.


For event-based placements, the staffing process is very different from other industries. Not only must you supply your clients with professionals possessing specific skill sets, but the off-site nature requires you to staff employees who are responsible and reliable.
Event staffing is a high volume and fast moving staffing vertical. As an event staffing company you need to know how to quickly find dynamic people that match a client’s needs and deploy them to multiple locations in a short amount of time.
Many event staffing companies find that their field-staff is spread out across many cities. Often, good and reliable employees change their contact information so reaching them becomes challenging, if not impossible. Maintaining this information manually is an exhaustive process.


With NextCrew’s cloud-based software, you keep your event staffing solutions at the forefront of an increasingly sophisticated market by providing better quality event staff in less time while maintaining your off-site management functions. Our intuitive, white label platform helps you optimize efficiency from start to finish with self-service portals for your event clientele. It can simplify job applications and schedule changes to a single click with our convenient mobile app and SMS functionality.
By elevating your workforce management with streamlined communications, simplified electronic timesheets, and more, you boost customer satisfaction and can grow your market share.
Your field staff can manage their own profiles including characteristics, photos and location preferences
Standardized profiles can present a showcase of your talent for clients
Rate your field staff for their work and identify preferred workforce pool by client
The mobile app’s geo-fencing feature makes it simple for you to track your staff as they check in. You’re notified of the exact check in and check out locations
A customized e-signature document workflow to streamline special projects requiring signatures
Your event staff can upload event photos and surveys as a part of their timesheet through the mobile app and website
Your clients can approve and send timesheets through the mobile app. You can quickly send invoices back
Want a reliable workforce management solution for today’s world—one that you can brand as your own?
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Working with the NextCrew group has been a pleasure since we were first introduced to them a couple of years ago. They have gone out of their way to help us and we appreciate their hard work and attentiveness."
Mike Robinson,
Managing Director
Brilliant Management Resources & Technology Staffing
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