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Managing Timesheets

Managing Timesheets
Timesheet management is one of the most intense, stressful tasks for a staffing agency. There are a lot of people involved, and a lot of actions each party has to take to get from the start of the process to the end — which means that there is a lot of potential for problems and bottlenecks that leave everyone frustrated.
One of the biggest issues with timesheet management is that if this process is not streamlined correctly, you have to key in the same information many times. Duplicate data entry is expensive, and, of course, the more data you have to enter, the more risk of data entry error, which can cause serious problems. Add in the fact that not every staff member and not every client is going to follow the same process to send information, and you can see why timesheets are such a challenge.

Mobile app with Geo-fencing

Client Approval

Automating and Streamlining Timesheet Management
NextCrew offers multiple ways to get hours from your crew, streamlining and automating the entire process to make it more effective and efficient from start to finish.
Our mobile app enables geofencing so everyone involved, from your agency to the clients can ensure the location of the crew and use an optional photo to double check that the right person is in the right place. If someone misses checking in, they can always use the website as a way to report their time.
We also have the option for a web-clock, which uses any device as a time clock that can be used to clock in and out at a client’s location. This eliminates the need to use third-party devices while keeping clocking in and out a centralized, easy to access operation.
Supervisor approval is another feature, which puts control of the checking in and out process in the hands of a supervisor, who clocks staff in and out as they arrive and leave. That information is available for clients and your own agency to look at online from anywhere you may be.
When it is time for the next step, client approval, NextCrew continues to streamline the process by enabling approval via website or mobile app. With all of these options there is something that will work for everyone, leaving no excuses in getting timesheets filled out and approved.
Our platform integrates with many popular payroll and invoicing systems, so as soon as the hours are approved you can generate payroll or invoices with the push of a button, cutting out all of the data entry issues.
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