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Managing HR & Workforce Engagement

Human resources has a lot to handle in managing a staffing company. With every recruit, there is another person in the database of hundreds or thousands. Those numbers make staffing possible, and your clients appreciate the diverse talent you offer — for HR, however, that management is not an easy task, though it is certainly necessary.
Every time someone does something like changing an address or phone number, or adding new skills in their portfolio, it represents a time consuming and ultimately expensive process for HR. Those updates come fast and furious in an organization with the scope of a staffing agency and it can be almost a full-time job just keeping up.
Then there’s the need for workforce engagement. Keeping talent invested in what your company is doing, and what it’s offering them, is important to ensure that they keep coming back to your clients. By promoting self-serve options, your company can enhance both HR practices and workforce engagement.

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The Benefits of Self-Service
NextCrew’s self-service technology empowers your agency to bridge the gap between talent out in the field and in-house employees. Your talent knows themselves better than any HR professional could, so it makes sense to have them doing the work of updating their information, skills, and qualifications as they change, instead of having to go through HR formally. It also means that staff will be more engaged with what they are doing, and more likely to actually do it, because updates and information changes can be done on their own time.
It is also a very efficient, accessible approach. Everyone has their preferred way to communicate, be it SMS, email, or using an app. NextCrew’s technology promotes easy management and better engagement by putting control in the hands of users. Talent can manage their profiles via web or mobile, and set their communication preferences. It all comes back to HR, but the manual labor is removed.
The result is a staff database that is accurate, detailed, and easy to search, without making HR spend all of their time chasing people for updates or manually inputting changes. Imagine what your business can accomplish, when you reduce the focus on time-consuming, repetitive tasks, and promote greater workforce engagement.
We are happy to help your business overcome any HR and workforce engagement challenges, with our proprietary software.
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