Hospitality Staffing

Hospitality and Event Staffing


The hospitality industry’s backbone is comprised entirely of customer service. It is a concept that is shared by all segments of the industry. While your business may focus on one or all facets of hospitality, it is your customer service that will set you apart and determine your level of success.

Some organizations rely on the use of temporary and contract hospitality workers to ensure that their events are perfect for their clients.


What has changed in the hospitality and event industries?


As with any industry, hospitality has a number of uncontrollable variables which affect management and ownership of hotels, restaurants, and other establishments. It is important to have a better understanding of these factors to create contingency planning and opportunities. These variables can’t be controlled but their effects can be mitigated with careful planning and anticipation.


So what are these pain points and challenges in hospitality?

  • The management of staff.
  • Clients demanding quick turn-around times.
  • Duplicate data entry when introducing a new software package.
  • Client demand for paperless solutions.


Online staffing technology can change the hospitality staffing industry.


  • Use the self-service portal for your staff to efficiently communicate with your company and your clients.
  • Tailor the communication methods to the preferences of the employees and your clients.
  • Review system from client or your internal staff can allow you easily differentiate your top workforce
  • Scheduling system helps you admin to easily identify available candidates for a specific job
  • SMS communication allows you to connect with your workforce instantly for a specific job opening.
  • Create a pool of specific talent preferred by your clients


What is NextCrew?

NextCrew is a cloud based system that offers self-service portal for your staff for streamlined communication and management. Our system allows you to centralize information for multiple locations, and can integrate with your current payroll and applicant tracking systems. Our system is customizable and we partner with you to determine the best way to work with our product.

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