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End Client Self-Service

End Client Self-Service
Want to provide your clients with a more comprehensive staffing solution, while creating efficiencies in your workflow? By arming clients with enhanced freedom and control, NextCrew helps you do both—boosting customer satisfaction and taking unnecessary manual tasks off your plate.
Our end client self-service portal provides clients with a do-it-yourself system, so they can manage their own job orders from start to finish. Using our convenient software, clients can post jobs, approve timesheets, handle payments, and review worker performance directly from an easy-to-use dashboard. If you want to provide even more freedom, transform our platform into an On-Demand Staffing Marketplace , where your clients can browse and select talent based on criteria that fits their needs—including skillsets, experience, certifications, location, and availability.
Increase Productivity & Profitability

More Control for Clients, More Freedom for You

When your clients take charge of their own staffing needs, your team spends less time matching talent to openings, coordinating schedules, and soliciting timesheet approvals. That frees up your staff to source more quality talent, broaden sales outreach, and market your services.
By empowering your clients through our self-service platform, you deliver more value while expending less time and energy—and make your company indispensable to their ongoing success. With NextCrew’s robust, cloud-based workforce management software , you can customize the client-facing portal, integrating your preferred software and branding the platform as your own.
Clients want more control. You want more opportunities to grow. Request a demo today to learn how NextCrew’s online staffing software provides both.

Streamlined Online Staffing Solutions

Ideal for tech-savvy workforces and high-salaried roles, you can leverage our software to preview web developers, programmers, software engineers, and more for new and prospective clients
Give clients the freedom to post, staff, and manage their own jobs
Differentiate your company with a branded on-demand talent marketplace
Free up your staff to focus on optimizing operations and scaling