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Costs & Fast Paced Market

The nature of temporary staffing means that your agency is dealing with a fast-paced market and furiously flying job requests. Fulfilling these fast-paced client needs in an ineffective way can drive up costs, as your own staff scramble to manage last-minute requests from clients, and find the right staff to off-set no-shows that are scheduled (an inevitable problem all staffing agencies will encounter).
A database search that is based on manual labor is something that will use up a lot of staff time and resources, and if that leads to an ineffective call or email process to try to designate temporary staff to client jobs, you will soon find your agency drowning in pain points.
Automation is an excellent solution in finding the right people for the right job, communicating that to all interested parties, and keeping on top of even the most urgent, furiously-paced requests.

Job Management

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Automation and Communication
An outdated, ineffective staffing agency keeps manual databases — sometimes even on paper! When an urgent request comes in, or a no-show holds up the works, the agency has to comb through the database and start making phone calls. Smart automation immensely speeds up this process and does a better job of matching temporary workers to clients, by applying criteria like location, availability, skills, and prior history with that client. The system scans through the staff and makes informed selections, which is half of the battle.
The next step is to send out messages to preferred staff. An ineffective system might involve sending out mass emails, which may be marked as spam, or ignored by workers who do not prefer email as their main communication method. Calling the entire workforce one by one to explain job details is immensely time-consuming with little reward. Our technology works to solve that problem by sending automated notifications to your preferred staff, using the communication methods they have self-selected in their profile and preferences.
Automated staff selection and communication is one part of the NextCrew package that keeps your agency competitive and dynamic, giving your workforce the jobs they are expecting and keeping your clients happy with high-quality staff who fit the job perfectly. This field is high-energy and fast-moving, but with our help, your agency will not be slowed down by databases, staffing, and communication, all while saving money.
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