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Problems We Solve

Problems We Solve
Working in staffing means working with a lot of unknowns every day. Managing last minute job orders, making sure information for human resources is updated, finding the right person for each job and making sure that their documents are complete. On top of that, you have to make sure that everyone has complete information about the jobs they are working, and their timesheets are reported on time so that you can pay them on time and get paid in proper order.
It would be best if you had a workforce management software that automates tasks, allows crew members to stay connected with your company and can be integrated with other systems easily to perform tasks without duplicating data entry. NextCrew is a leading software provider for the staffing industry. By decreasing response time with clients and workers, your crew can create healthier profit margins, allowing scalability and growth for both yourself and your clients.


Qualified candidates are the oil that keeps your staffing machine going, and NextCrew allows you to cast a wide net through the best job boards to bring the best and brightest to your clients. Not only that but once fully vetted, our proprietary trigger based e-signature technology makes the onboarding process seamless for candidates, filling your clients’ vacancies faster.


Engaged workers typically mean a happy HR rep, and happy HR reps make for good clients. Our technology allows workers to engage with their NextCrew profile and stay connected with your company via browser or mobile app. The result will be not only less work for human resources but also a highly engaged staff working on jobs tailored to their profiles.


Being the best staffing agency out there means being able to respond to changes quickly and efficiently. All the little things add up to cost your team time and money: managing profiles, updating timesheets, pulling reports, and ultimately filling jobs. In a busy industry, NextCrew’s automated system saves your team its most valuable resource: time.


Keeping track of employees’ time can drain your own time and resources. Don’t let it. NextCrew offers a start-to-finish process that offers options such as geofencing and photo-taking to ensure employees are where they’re supposed to be when they’re supposed to be there. Our software also accommodates onsite clocks, and once timesheets are approved, NextCrew pushes information to a payroll or invoice system without any additional data entry. No timesheets and spreadsheets manually entered across systems anymore.


You have internal revenue goals to hit, and NextCrew’s software provides insights that allow you to make proper decisions to do just that. Which jobs are taking longer to fill? Which ones have the highest gross profit margin? How many no-shows has this candidate had? Pull from an array of metrics through our platform to leverage past data to make informed decisions about your future.


With a long list of platforms and programs you already sign into and open up and use on daily basis, you need to make sure you’re using technology that offers time-saving capabilities. NextCrew’s API connects with QuickBooks, ADP, Salesforce and more to keep you from doing the same tasks more than once.

Learn how NextCrew helps elevate your on-demand workforce management.