KSM Staffing needed a solution to automate the most labor intensive process of its business: scheduling, electronic documents, payroll, and accounting.

Trisha Del Rosario,
Human Resources Director
KSM Staffing

The hospitality industry is fast paced and super charged. The management of job scheduling alone is more than one full time job. It is also imperative that KSM Staffing provide the Employee Right to Know, a document for every new client and employee to ensure compliance with Massachusetts government regulations.
Integrating time sheet information with Paychex and QuickBooks invoices would also reduce the amount of back office paperwork necessary to for KSM Staffing to run smoothly.
By implementing NextCrew we have moved from all paper to fully automated scheduling system including e-docs and integration with our accounting and payroll system.
Trisha Del Rosario
Human Resources Director
KSM Staffing
Before transitioning to NextCrew’s customizable system, KSM Staffing relied on paperwork. Since the implementation of the new software they have embraced a new era of technology that makes staffing coordinators, employees, and end-clients happy.
Jobs can be managed from anywhere and users can view a real-time dashboard of the job status. NextCrew was even able to automate the Employee Right to Know form, required by the state of Massachusetts. Instead of having a single person dedicated to creating these forms manually, an e-document is now sent to each employee based on system triggers. These documents can be accessed from anywhere by the employee and the staffing coordinators.
Timesheet information can be updated in the NextCrew platform, which then integrates with both Paychex and QuickBooks, saving hours of work every day.
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