NextCrew empowered management to be more efficient and made developing new business easier.

Chris Dilg,
Senior Director
Hospitality One

For this industry, job management is the number one priority. Job reminders need to go out to every employee taking an assignment. The staffing coordinators need to know who is working where, when.
Their largest client also requires invoice information in a specific format, requiring additional software and paperwork.
NextCrew’s solutions empower me to be 150% more efficient in managing my [hospitality] workforce—making business development smoother than ever.
Chris Dilg
Senior Director
Hospitality One
Hospitality One has been working with NextCrew for about 4 years. With the aid of the NextCrew software, they can manage hundreds of jobs a month with peak efficiency.
Real-time business intelligent reports allow Hospitality One to continuously improve processes and procedures. NextCrew’s technology is able to offer a next generation solution to employees and keep them engaged with the company.
The integrated accounting system can export the most complex invoice report, customized for their needs, to their largest client with a single click.
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