NextCrew is our right hand in business. What used to take us a week to invoice, now takes less than one hour.

Maya Djokic,
Chateau Staffing

Hospitality staffing has a variety of challenges not experienced by other types of agencies. Beginning with a lower operating cost, effective methods of adding features is essential. A self-service portal, efficient on-demand services for urgent job requests, and ability for clients to view confirmation and status of staff are just a few requirements in this space.
Invoicing and payroll are an all-encompassing job, often taking a week to invoice just one client. With improvements in the service portal and back office, essential services can be met and surpassed.
NextCrew syncs with Quickbooks and makes invoicing easy, organized and efficient. What used to take us a week to invoice, now takes less than one hour. Our payroll has been automated and easy to export from NextCrew into an excel spreadsheet. NextCrew has changed the way we do business, live and enjoy being a family. Hospitality Staffing made simple, thanks to NextCrew.
Maya Djokic
Chateau Staffing
The self-service option for employees allows the company to reduce their time on information management so they can concentrate on other tasks. Jobs are automatically sent to employees based on their skill, location, and availability.
Clients can utilize the mobile or web app to request staff and update open jobs. The system will automatically send a staff list for the upcoming event 24 hours before the start time. This confirmation can also be viewed online. And the integration of the back office means fewer wasted hours on administrative tasks.
Increased client satisfaction, better employee communication, and the ability to reduce expenses have been immensely successful.
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